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News: Nordhavn's N41 Increases In Popularity With Boaters

Discussion in 'Nordhavn News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jun 5, 2021.

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  1. Nordhavn N41 Popularity Surges
    It wasn't that long ago that Nordhavn was feeling good about the first ten hulls of the N41 being sold. Prior to that they were also feeling good about introducing the N41 to the market towards the end of 2020. Last week the yard has engaged in at least commitments for 40 hulls of the new N41 passagemaker. So why is this new model proving to be so popular and hasn't even been in service for a year? One of the main reasons perhaps can be summed up as...'entry level'. This is important because many new owners to yachting either may not be able to afford a large yacht up front or foot the cost of operation and associated maintenance there after. The N41 is the perfect bridge to getting new owners into the realm of yachting without breaking the bank -under reasonable expectations-.
  2. Another factor perhaps stems from the size of the vessel and that it is perfect for couples to handle on their own without need for crew. No added cost there and actually many of Nordhavn's smaller vessels are handled by cruising couples. The second hull N4102 called "Tavie" was showcased at the NAPS rendezvous and was undoubtedly one of the most popular models at the event. With only three N41s in the U.S at present, buyers were clamouring to get aboard this second hull to see what she had to offer. The third customer hull which was recently delivered is called "Escape".
  3. Last week, the International Yacht & Aviation Awards announced that Nordhavn 4102 Tavie earned nods for Best Overall Design and Best Interior Design in the Under 25-meter category. This is another factor that will influence buyers to put their money forward for this entry-level craft. The model is already winning awards which in itself isn't surprising but it is refreshing to see that even at this end of the market, there is significant satisfaction with product offerings.
  4. To keep up with demand, the factory that builds the Nordhavn 41, Telgeren & Partners, moved to a larger building in Istanbul last month. All equipment was re-located and a new tank test was constructed at the new facility, which will be able to handle a more robust production schedule. A time savings will also be banked when it comes to transporting the finished hulls to the shipping port, situated just a few miles away from the new location. "With each hull that is built, the factory is getting more and more efficient with production," said Project Manager Drew Leishman. Just to give you an idea where the production process stands for the N41 model N4106 is only a few weeks off from completion. Hull 4106 is for a Turkish client and 4108 is for an American customer. Both hulls will be delivered directly from the factory.

    For more information:

    Pacific Asian Enterprises
    25001 Dana Drive
    Dana Point, CA 92629

Thread Status:
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