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News: Midnight Express 60' 'Pied-A-Mer' Center Console

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by Yacht News, Mar 22, 2018.

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  1. Midnight Express 60' 'Pied-A-Mer' Center Console
    The newest addition to the Midnight Express family is the 60-foot 'Pied-A-Mer' Center Console. The company is calling the new model a Center Console game changer. This is goliath in terms of this segment of the market with a sizable 15-foot beam to complement its 60-foot LOA. The 60-foot Pied-A-Mer is nearly twice as large as their last model with that name, the 34 Pied-A-Mer.
  2. Midnight Express is all about performance and they are giving you the option for have this vessel to be fitted with outboards or inboards. At 36,000 lbs displacement and carrying a full fuel capacity of 2,649 LTs or around 700 GAL, the 60-footer is a pretty good performing weekender. There is provision for storage of up to 375 LT or 99 GAL of fresh water onboard. If you choose the outboard option, there will be four Seven Marine 627 horse power engines which Midnight Express say are good for the 70+mph range. You can also have surface drives which perhaps can get you closer to 90mph.
  3. Onboard, overnight accommodation is in two 'master cabins'. A full couch and galley are arranged for the perfect weekend getaway. The dark-night speedster will built in fiberglass and the customization of the colours and paintjob is pretty much up to you. Options include side entry dive doors for ease of entry after a swim or dive, full power sunroof, and a multitude of seating, you can design the 60-footer for as much shade or sun as you want!
  4. If you like center consoles and prefer a radical design coupled with the capabilities of the traditional CC then this Midnight Express is for you. It is a combination of ample external seating with internal overnight accommodation. The weekend out at the sandbar is now a regular possibility with head-turning design and a relaxing layout.

    For more information:

    Midnight Express Powerboats
    351 NE 185th St, Miami, FL 33179

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.