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News: Lynx Yachts YXT Range Grows With Two Additions

Discussion in 'Yacht Escort Ships & Shadows' started by Yacht News, Apr 10, 2020.

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  1. Lynx YXT Range Grows With Two Additions
    Dutch yard Lynx Yachts has grown its YXT range by two new members recently, the YXT 34 Plus and the YXT34 Sport. Of course these are a bit larger than the YXT24 that YF last alerted you about. So what are the differences between the YXT34 Plus and YXT34 Sport? Both are essentially the same yacht with the same dimensions however, the Sport version carries a knuckle-boom crane on the aft deck which has a greater reach and capacity than the Plus's more traditional deck crane. Additionally, there is more room in the lazarette of the Sport model which sacrifices the larger swim platform of the Plus model for greater space below in that area.
  2. The YXT34 Sport's knuckle-boom crane can pick a load up to around 15.2 tonnes at a reach of 3.5-meters. However, you can stretch it out significantly all the way to 11.4-meters reach and have a useful lifting capacity of 4.2-tonnes. The deck can carry two to three tenders with a few PWCs between or even two tenders and a small submarine. The additional room in the lazarette can also stow other watersport toys.
  3. Lynx's YXT34 Plus uses the space in the lazarette to create a gym area and fronts it with sliding glass doors with direct access to the large swim platform. Below you can glimpse the gym set-up through the opened doors. The model YXT34 will be carrying a pair of CAT C32 diesels for a cruising speed of 12-knots and a top-end of 17-knots. On the lower deck there are two guest cabins and three cabins and a mess for the crew.

    For more information:

    Lynx Yachts
    Bellstraat 1
    3861 NP Nijkerk

Thread Status:
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