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News: Kingship Ocean SUV Yacht Series

Discussion in 'Kingship Yacht' started by Yacht News, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Kingship unveils Ocean SUV series

    Kingship shipyards based in Hong Kong unveiled a new series of yachts known as the Ocean SUV. The reason why they are known as the Ocean SUV is because the series of yachts independently mirror many of the functional and practical characteristics of an SUV. They are long range expedition styled luxury motor yachts. The three yachts in the series range in size from 90-feet to 148-feet.

    The range on these yachts are expected to be phenomenal. The 90-footer showcases a range in 5,000 nautical miles while the 116-footer is at 7,500 nautical miles and the 148-footer with an astounding range of near 10,000 nautical miles. Unlike the land-based SUV they are being likened to, these yachts in the series are not overly large comsumers of fuel.

    The uncluttered exterior is frill free, easy to maintenance and offers passengers a high vintage point from which to view the passing scenery. All space are highly practical and even the 90’ does not compromise on providing for 10 guests and 4 crew. The 116' has a full-beam main- deck master for maximization of space and an internal elevator connecting all decks can be added as an option upon owner’s request for the series 116' and 150' models. The SUV 90' will be classed RINA/MGN 280 Code category 2 while SUV 116' and SUV150' will both be in compliance with RINA/MCA LY-2 unlimited.

    For more information:

    Kingship Marine
    Suite 3112, 31/F
    Tower 6, The Gateway
    Harbour City, Hong Kong

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.