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News: ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO

Discussion in 'ISA News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jul 16, 2019.

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  1. Super Sportivo 100 GTO By ISA
    The smallest bullet shot by the ISA Sportivo gun has been sold. The Super Sportivo 100 GTO will go to a European owner when it is completed. You will find the 141 Super Sportivo and the 121 Super Sportivo in this new series. The yacht is perhaps in the headlines more for the proposed top speed of 50-knots on a 100-foot yacht. That in itself is a feat to achieve but the owner is a is clearly not phased by the potential fuel bill.
  2. The design styling is by Marco Casali Too Design, specifically Marco Casali. The construction is going to be with composite materials, mainly carbon fiber and kevlar. This should provide the strong construction the yard is looking for but not compromising on the performance from the triple MTU 2000 horse power marine diesels. You will have to wait until 2020 before you see this slick beast completed and performing on the water.
  3. The largest vessel in the Super Sportivo line is the 141 and this is more like a blend between the previous 120 sport line from ISA like the 2017-built "Clorinda" and the 143-foot "Silver Wind". As for the Sportivo 100 GTO, look out for this launching from ISA's yard in Ancona, Italy. Marco Casali said, "...the ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO stems from the idea of creating a boat that would exalt the values of sportiness and seaworthiness typical of an open boat." Below is a photo of the Super Sportivo 141 for comparison.

    For more information:

    ISA Yachts
    Via Mattei 14
    60125 Ancona

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.