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News: ISA Refreshes Line With Sport, Classic And GT Variants

Discussion in 'ISA News & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 19, 2017.

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  1. ISA Sport, Classic and GT Models Refreshed
    Italian yard ISA is back in a big way and we do not just mean their resurgence back to the yacht market but more to do with new refreshed models that are hip and trendy but still pay homage to the features that made ISA a name on the tips of everybody's tongues. The Sport, Classic and GT models is what ISA are targeting for the restyle and refresh. More specifically the Sport 120 and Sport 140, the Classic 41-meter, 50-meter, 57-meter, and 65-meter, as well as the variants in the GT line which include a 43-meter, 50-meter, 57-meter and a 67-meter. The Sport 120 retains key features from the ISA 120 original model like the 'stairway to heaven' concept which floated a seamless line of stairs that ran from the swim platform to the upper deck. That design arch to echo the stair way outline is still incorporated in the new Sport 120 design.
  2. The ISA Classic is fairly stylish and modern for a 'classic' but the first size variant that will reflect the upgraded styling is expected to be the Classic 50-meter. This classic essentially came out of the ISA 47-meter ("Aquamarina") and then evolved into the ISA164 (yachts like "Azzia" and "Papi du Papi"). The styling of the side windows of the master suite on the forward main deck have been changed yet again more reminiscent of the master suite glazing on Sunseekers' 131 models.
  3. The GT range features a straight long bow and in this example, the GT 67-meter, she is more reminiscent of superyacht "Okto". Actually designer Enrico Gobbi of Team For Design says that the yacht has some automotive features from the earlier days. Particularly the long bow is like the long bonnets of many retro vehicles with the cabin being far in the back. You can see the reference to this style in the GT 67. By the way, the first GT 67 is expected to launch in 2019. Actually, units in these models are in the works with ISA with the ISA Sport 120 expected to launch in June.

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Thread Status:
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