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News: Hitching A Ride With Cross Chartering Yacht Transport

Discussion in 'Yacht Transport Ships' started by Yacht News, Apr 25, 2024.

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  1. Cross Oceans With Cross Chartering Yacht Transport
    Sometimes sailing to your destination on your yacht's own bottom might be appealing and achievable. In other instances it is not an option. For various reasons utilizing a yacht transport vessel is the easiest and less worry-free option. It may be a situation where your yacht does not have the range to cross the ocean. A scenario where the ocean may be treacherous and the boat not designed for ocean crossings. With some of these situations, hitching a ride with Cross Chartering Yacht Transport maybe the right solution.
  2. Yacht transport ships can offer a robust solution for long-distance and international travel. These impressive vessels carry your prized yacht across oceans, ensuring it arrives safely at its drop-off destination. Having your yacht transported on a dedicated yacht-carrying freighter is not a cheap exercise but a number of benefits can be obtained by going this route. No engine wear from traveling the distance on the yacht's own bottom. The yacht is out of the water which prohibits algae growth for that period of time. Being out of the water can sometimes afford the chance to do some inspections of the underwater part of the hull which may aid in an upcoming refit period or just for general bottom maintenance. There is less general wear and tear on the yacht as it is not physically being moved around by the ocean.
  3. As mentioned before, yacht transport is not a reasonable exercise...even for clients with the means to exercise. There are a number of considerations one should take into account when endeavouring to use yacht transport. Size of vessel is important, the larger and heavier the vessel, the likelihood associated transport costs will increase. For example, average prices for boat moving services typically range from $1.50 to $3.75 per mile, with larger yachts falling on the higher end of this spectrum due to their size and weight.
  4. Another factor to take into consideration is the distance the yacht transporter needs to travel to deliver your yacht. The longer the transport distance, the higher the transportation costs are likely to be. This is due to fuel consumption, labor hours, and equipment usage, which increase with longer distances. Also you have to plan for additional costs for if the ship has to alter course to avoid bad weather or conflict zones.
  5. Understanding the factors that influence yacht transport costs is crucial. Preparing your yacht for transport and selecting a reputable, professional company can help minimize expenses. Timing your transport during off-peak seasons and comparing quotes effectively reduce costs. Cross Chartering Yacht Transport is one of the many options for you to consider when shipping your yacht over the seas. North America, the Mediterranean, and Asia are all destination areas covered by Cross Chartering Yacht Transport.

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    8201 Peters Road
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Thread Status:
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