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News: HCB Center Console Yachts 65 Estrella

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 25, 2018.

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  1. HCB Center Console Yachts 65 Estrella
    The last time we talked about HCB Center Console Yachts (the former Hydra Sports Boats) we let you know about some upcoming models they were planning. Now it is time to take a deeper look at one of them, the 65 Estrella... HCB Center Console Yachts's largest offering. In fact it is the largest CC in the world. The 53-Suenos from then Hydra Sport Boats dominated the large CC market with other big names like Nortech and Midnight Express. The 6500 from them is insane and it is powered by five Seven Marine high-tech outboards.
  2. The first hull is in the water and being tested already and it has made a big splash with its enormous size. Just look at it below compared to the already large 53 Suenos. Photos from the yard have already been in circulation and you can just judge the size difference and complexity of HCB's latest project. Particulars are not available as yet as they are busy running tests preparing for this new model to make a smooth entry into the market later this year.
  3. However, previous predictions with five 627 horse power Seven Marine outboards her speed will likely be above 65mph as the 53 Suenos topped out at 69mph. That's over 3,100 horse power combined were are talking about here. “We’ve taken every aspect of our product to the next level,” said CEO Elias De La Torre III. “In places and in ways the discriminating custom boat buyers will appreciate when stepping aboard. You might think you’re boarding a center console at the dock, but once aboard, you know you’re on a yacht.” The Suenos is a million dollar boat, the 65 Estrella will be a multi-million dollar boat, starting at around 3 million. HCB Center Console Yachts aren't playing around, even the deck and interior experience is going to be yacht-like. By Summer 2018 we should be seeing a lot more of the 65 Estrella.

    For more information:

    HCB Center Console Yachts
    90400 Overseas Highway
    Tavernier, FL

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.