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News: Guido de Groot Project 'May'

Discussion in 'Unique, Custom or New Launches' started by Yacht News, Jan 26, 2024.

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  1. Project 'May' By Guido de Groot
    Design house Guido de Groot worked on a brand new project called Project 'May'. The yacht is already under construction and measures 33-meters. To our knowledge, the vessel does not have an owner at this stage and was started on speculation with a technical platform borrowed from the completed "Blue Jeans". This means essentially, the superstructure can be customized to a great degree while the hull is more-or-less conceptualized.
  2. Even if an owner comes onboard now and radically changes the superstructure design the vessel should still be able to deliver in 2026. The 108-foot tri-deck motoryacht Project May takes its design from Guido de Groot with Naval Architecture by DYD. The interior is still customizable at this early stage as well. No concrete information on how many guests Project May will be carrying as they are leaving that up to the customer to work that out. Generally though a 110-foot yacht tends to carry 4-cabin layout for guests.
  3. Construction will be in all-aluminium ensuring comparative to steel, lighter weight. The interior regardless of its final form will be one that is contemporary. However, Groot provides the following example below of how the interior can be finished. Alot of sandy tones as the base and blues serve as a pop of colour. Regardless of the final form-factor, this enclosed-wheelhouse tri-deck yacht is aiming to complete by 2026.

    For more information:

    Guido de Groot
    Hogewoerd 122
    2311 HT Leiden
    The Netherlands

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.