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News: Forakis; Lateral Collaborate On 88M 'Pegasus' Concept

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by Yacht News, Oct 29, 2023.

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  1. Lateral; Forakis Design 88-meter 'Pegasus' Concept
    The 'Pegasus' Concept is a collaboration between Lateral Naval Architects and Jozeph Forakis of Forakis Design. You might have heard of Forakis before as they work with CL Yachts on many of their designs. This time Forakis is working with Lateral on an 88-meter concept. The Pegasus Concept is not 100% new as we have seen it when initial designs for it emerged early this year but Forakis is now onboard collaborating with Lateral and the project is actively for sale.
  2. Pegasus is also known as what would be the world's first '3D-printed' yacht. Forakis was quoted as saying, "There is no question AM (additive manufacturing) is the manufacturing technology of the future across a wide spectrum of industries. Yachting is an area uniquely ripe for exploitation, especially where sustainability is a priority such as: reducing material waste and cost as only the necessary amount of material is used, reducing lead time and labour cost as parts can be produced faster and easier, improving efficiency and sustainability as parts can be made on-demand and locally, creating lightweight and strong components that reduce fuel consumption and emissions."
  3. The yacht's concept is groundbreaking but also is using applications that are already in use in different ways across the board. What is new is the combination of them together in a singular package to produce the desired effect in operations. For example, large-scale 3D printing, green hydrogen harvesting from the ocean, fuel cell use, solar photovoltaics, hydroponics/greenwall applications are being used already. Additionally, outside of being virtually emissions free operations the vessel is envisaged as being in harmony with the environment by literally blending-in. This is possible thanks to the highly-mirrored surfaces of the hull which reflect the surrounding land/seascape allowing the yacht to blend with the local environment.
  4. The application of mirrored glass is bi-purpose. There is an element where transparent photovoltaics are embedded and incorporated to be able to engaged and run electrolyzers that then pull hydrogen from the surrounding seawater. Additionally, the electricity that is stored in lithium-ion batteries helps to supply power to azimuthing pods. They suggest that this setup will permit an almost unlimited cruising range.
  5. Turning our attention to the interior, it is characterized by large open spaces that appear more organic in shape and form than you might anticipate. Central to the design on the interior is a multi-deck space with an installation called the 'Tree-of-life'. It is envisioned as a hydroponic garden designed to provide guests with fresh food and air purification/cooling around the spiral atrium staircase. It also runs for four decks.
  6. There aren't 'regular'-looking windows on the superstructure of this vessel. There is an intricate 3D-printed lattice design to the superstructure. This gives the interior a wealth of natural light filtering through 'triangular' shapes into the internal superstructure spaces. On some decks the triangular theme is continued in the ceiling panels of the lounges and master suite.
  7. The 3D-printing process will be using a polymer-alloy composite filament that integrates both the hull and the superstructure. As a result of this, a strong and lightweight structure is manufactured with less material and resources, saving construction time. The designers suggest that the lattice 3D-printed structure will only be visible in certain lighting conditions and angles.
  8. The Pegasus concept, while it is a concept, it is one that is being marketed as a feasible project to build by a forward-thinking client. This yacht with all its green attributes and features will still be able to run at a top speed of 18-knots and cruise effectively and efficiently at 12-knots. Special features onboard include a glassed-beach club, helipad on the bow that reveals a large swimming pool when not in use. Zen garden exists onboard as well along with other wellness areas.

    For more information:

    Building 13
    Shamrock Quay
    William Street, Southampton

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