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News: Fincantieri 99M "Xvintage" superyacht project

Discussion in 'Fincantieri News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Fincantieri presents 99-meter "Xvintage" superyacht

    The last project that Fincantieri showcased was the "Fortissimo" now in a flash, there is another design coming from the Italian yacht building company. She is a 99-meter design called "Xvintage" with a beam of 15.5-meters and a maximum draft of 4.5-meters. Both the exterior and interior are designed by Stefano Pastrovich.

    Contrary to what many might think, designing a new vessel with multiple technical requirements can be not merely a challenge, but actually a somewhat easier way to sort out new design ideas. The technical constrains dictate the goal they want to achieve, and it was on this premise that the design of the Xvintage 99m motor yacht was born. The scope was clear in that certain requirements that Fincantieri, Pastrovich and Wärtsilä thought very challenging and forward thinking, needed to be satisfied - design born around function.

    The philosophy of the interior layout is to create a number of spaces, all with a different purpose, look and view, and to avoid the typical wedding cake deck lay-out of most large vessels. The aft beach club is a large transformable area where the tender garage also acts as storage space for the day toys and the exterior lounge furnishings.

    The LNG tank has been placed very close to the tender garage because both need a very high ceiling. On the upper deck, the idea is to dedicate the entire area from the bow to the aft terrace, for the use of the owner and guests, giving them the possibility to experience the interiors from different angles, lights and sounds. The aft interior salon is connected to the exterior terrace through a large sliding door, thus giving a feel of continuity of space between interior and exterior. The walls around the cinema are built with large sliding panels, which makes this area transformable into a playroom for kids, or for watching F1 or PlayStation. And just forward of the bar we have placed another lounge with a transformable table that can become a formal dining room.

    Finally, the bow lounge is the place to sit and view the panorama, while the bow terrace is the most peaceful place to have a romantic dinner. The owner’s apartment and terrace are on the aft bridge deck. This choice of location comes from the designer’s personal spirit of life on board, where privacy and the need to spend time together is very important. The terrace on the sun deck is covered with a large bimini, and the exhaust stacks are discretely placed so as to leave the view as the main attraction.

    Dual-fuel engines make flexibility more than just an option. Flexible dual-fuel power and propulsion systems. The dualfuel power and propulsion system of the Xvintage 99m motor yacht is based on the Wärtsilä 20DF dual-fuel engine, a compact unit providing all the advantages of fuel flexibility. This allows owners and operators to opt for the most suitable fuel (natural gas, marine diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, or even liquid biofuel) taking into account local environmental restrictions, fuel price variations, and fuel bunkering possibilities.

    Additionally, Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines have the ability to automatically switch from one fuel to another without any loss in speed or power output. In gas operation mode, Wärtsilä DF engines are already compliant with the forthcoming IMO Tier III regulations without the need for any secondary exhaust gas purification systems. Wärtsilä’s dual-fuel engine sets are fitted with alternators mounted on a common bedframe, and by utilizing double mounting arrangements, even the most stringent standards for low levels of noise and vibration can be met.

    Safe and convenient onboard storage of LNG. Wärtsilä’s LNGPac is a complete solution for LNG bunkering, and the safe and convenient storage of gas fuel on board. The LNGPac is designed with safety and simplicity in mind. It is a complete system with a seamless interface to all other Wärtsilä equipment and systems in the yacht, thereby ensuring efficient operations. LNGPac is a safe and cost efficient approach.

    For more informaiton:

    Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A.
    Via Genova, 1 34121
    Fincantieri - Cantieri Navali SpA

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