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News: Fincanteri 295' "Project Mars" concept

Discussion in 'Fincantieri News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Fincanteri and H2 Unveil 295-foot "Project Mars"

    This is a 295-foot design done in a collaborative effort between Fincanteri Yachts and H2 Yacht Design. The new vessel comes on the heels of many new designs coming from the boards of Fincanteri. Many of these include "Goldmine", "Wave", "Marco Polo", and "Light" to name a few. Now, "Project Mars" joins the ever present fleet of large mega yacht designs coming from this Italian builder.

    Project Mars is bent on providing abundant interior and exterior spaces by way of a near 50-foot maximum beam. This automatically translates into voluminous interior public and private spaces. The superstructure is studded by large windows allowing copious amounts of natural light to flow inward.

    The overall appearance of this design is one that borders on outer fringes of the contemprary and the ever present realm of futuristic design. The sinuous exterior design captures the eye as it follows from bow to stern and waterline to mast-head.

    The interior centers itself on a neutral and earth-toned color palette from which many natural materials are envisaged. Natural woods, exotic stone and luxurious carpeting blend seamlessly into the finished flooring options chosen for the interior styling of Project Mars. Curvilinear, ovoid, squared, soft and hard edges define the furniture designs and options.

    This six deck yacht integrates the internal with the external. Sliding glass doors and folding and articulating shell doors provide options for owner and guests alike to relax alternately. Beach clubs, private balconies, normal exterior decks, in part, comprise the external areas.

    Project Mars' bow features an "Aviva"-like form, plumb in nature, ready to slice the oncoming sea. Smooth lines on the hull, merge into the meandering curves of the amidships superstructures. The on deck experience is one that promotes relaxation with the profuse utilization of built-in sun beds, chairs, loungers, couches.

    Heli-pad is available on the aft Bridge Deck, jacuzzi pool on the upper-most deck, tender storage in aft garages in the Lower Deck.large shell doors open up to form beaches when laying at anchor. Dual cascading grand stairs descend from the aft main deck to the transom and bathing/docking platform.

    In synopsis, Project Mars , a new design in collaboration with H2 Yacht Design, pushes the design boundary once more at the yacht division at Fincanteri. Clean lines, blend seamlessly with the sinuous to create a contemporary to futuristic exterior styling design. Six decks, 295-feet long, 49-feet wide, 2200 tonnes, this is the Project Mars design.


    LOA: 295-feet
    BOA: 49-feet
    Draught: 14.10-feet
    Displacement: 2,200 tonnes
    Engines: 2 X 2465 KW
    Speed: 18 knots, 14 knots cruise
    Range: 6,000 NM @ 16 knots
    Design: H2 Yacht Design
    Engineering: Fincanteri
    Builder: Fincanteri

    For more information:

    Fincanteri Yacht Division
    19126 Muggiano (La Spezia)
    Viale S. Bartolomeo, 446
    ph.+39 0187 543238

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