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News: FDC Yachts Showcase Aluna 127

Discussion in 'Yacht Escort Ships & Shadows' started by Yacht News, Mar 27, 2023.

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  1. Aluna 127 By FDC Yachts
    The Aluna 127 is the second Aluna model to be released by the FDC Yachts yard. The 39-meter vessel is in the form-factor of a shadow vessel/toy carrier with a design both inside and out by Red Yacht Design. The vessel is under construction and is expected to be completed by 2025. The vessel can be utilized as a yacht support or expedition type platform.
  2. At first glance her aft main deck that is usually the toy-carrying work deck on these types of vessels may look just open and void of a crane. The crane is there just neatly hidden below the deck to maintain clean lines. When needed, a teak-covered flap of the deck moves over to reveal the in-deck crane ready to lift tenders and toys. The deck can take a primary tender of 12-meters. If the deck is not being used to carry a plethora of tenders and toys then it represents huge real estate to add exterior furniture, shade systems and make the area a full relaxing deck.
  3. Even with tenders and toys on deck, the yacht still has a beach club area to utilize so in someway guests can always be near the water in a relaxing mode. Five cabins onboard accommodate up to ten guests. As mentioned before, this vessel is under construction and is the second Aluna model, the first which is the Aluna 87 -also under construction- is expected to hit the water this Summer. The Aluna 127 doesn't have an owner yet and is available for purchase. Delivery is slated for Summer 2025 for the 39-meter model.

    For more information:

    FDC Yachts
    Erol Ağan Cad. Tırhandil Sk No:08,
    İçmeler Cd., 48401 Bodrum/Muğla,

Thread Status:
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