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News: Echo Yachts Present New Line Of Trimarans

Discussion in 'Latest Catamaran Launches' started by Yacht News, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. New Trimaran Designs From Echo Yachts

    With the success of the large Trimaran "White Rabbit" under their belt, the Australian yard Echo Yachts has created a new line of trimaran yachts. While the new range is not as large as the new White Rabbit, the new line will span a range from 28-meters, 30-meters, 38-meters and 40-meters. The vessel's exterior appearance is quite pleasing to the eye and the ride onboard for guests will be equally as pleasing thanks to multi-hull specialist One2Three Naval Architects.
  2. There are two advantages of using multi-hull design. You easily can have more square-footage and interior volume with a multi-hull thanks to its naturally wider stance than a mono-hull of the same length. The other pro is that of stability and comfort. Again, owing to the much wider beam there will be significantly less rolling of the vessel. Couple that with having Naiad Dynamics onboard with the project, their active foiling ride control system further improves sea-keeping and ride quality.
  3. The larger yachts in the line are helicopter capable as seen in the rendering below providing decent space for the helicopter to operate. Performance is not an issue for these yachts either. The 38-meter and 40-meter models have a speed of 38 and 40-knots respectively. Echo Yachts is giving the option to fit three engines and link them to a waterjet package for the 40-meter model. The 38-meter is more conventional with a pair of engines linked to two screws.

    For more information:

    Echo Yachts
    49 Clarence Beach Road
    Henderson, WA 6166, Australia

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.