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News: Delta Marine unveils 40-meter megayacht "Onika"

Discussion in 'Delta Yacht' started by Yacht News, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. Delta Marine unveils 40-meter megayacht "Onika"

    Delta is excited to unveil its latest project, a 40-meter superyacht with a new high-efficiency hull design. Built for repeat Delta owners, "ONIKA" embodies the simple elegance and warmth of a true Gentleman’s yacht. The Delta Design Group was entrusted with the entire design and engineering package, beginning with the challenge to design a hull for shallow draft cruising with the same seaworthiness and capabilities as a full-displacement design.

    Here are a few words from Delta’s Chief Naval Architect, Jay Miner:

    “The new Delta hull design combines the best in long range passage making capability and fuel efficiency along with moderate draft to allow the owner access to the shallower water destinations that otherwise might not be accessible. In profile, the bow has a long overhang, with enough flare to keep the decks dry and present an overall classic look. Below the waterline the hull form has round bilges with a bulbous bow and long easy run to enhance comfort and reduce fuel consumption. Much attention was paid to the flow line patterns along the hull surface to ensure that all appendages were precisely aligned. The propeller tunnels are well blended into the hull, with a gentle transition resulting from studies conducted both by computational flow dynamics (CFD) as well as a traditional battery of physical model tests in a tow tank facility. The final result is a handsome design with the ability to cross oceans efficiently, in comfort and in style.”

    Powered by twin Caterpillar C32 main engines, ONIKA has a 4,000 nautical mile range at 12-knots and a maximum speed of 16-knots. Quantum Zero Speed stabilizers ensure a nice gentle ride both at anchor and underway. Her Northern Lights generators are equipped with catalytic soot traps for reduced emissions. Also included is a hydraulically activated fold-down mast, custom built and designed by Delta. Watch for the launch of ONIKA this Spring.

    For more information:

    1608 S. 96th St.
    Seattle, WA 98108
    Delta Marine

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