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News: Daedalus Yachts D80 In Build

Discussion in 'Latest Catamaran Launches' started by Yacht News, Jan 12, 2019.

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  1. Daedalus D80 Under Construction
    United States yacht builder Daedalus Yachts has one of their newest yachts presently under construction. It is being built from carbon fiber -yes, entirely from carbon fiber- and designed to leave as little environmental footprint as possible. Looking at the hardtop alone, that is embedded with photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. We will delve in a bit deeper regarding the green capabilities of this yacht.
  2. Aside from the photovoltaic cells onboard there will be large battery storage supplied by BMW and a energy regenerative system. Under sailing power can be made from the shafts turning as the water passes around the propellers underway. That then makes electric motors charge the batteries. Surplus energy can be stored in the form of hydrogen too thanks to the Deep Blue Hybrid set up onboard. Onboard accommodation will be for as many as thirteen. The best cabin naturally is the master suite and as shown below is located in the right (starboard) hull just forward of midships. An added feature is that the room can be opened up to the sea with a terrace system.
  3. The design of the yacht is almost futuristic and has performance credentials to match. The vessel is expected to utilize the breeze very efficiently. In idea conditions they are expecting a top speed above 30-knots. Her centerboards in either hull reach down 5-meters into the sea but can be retracted to draw just under 1-meter when needed. The craft will not use any fossil fuels being powered only by the sun, wind and water around it. Launching is penned for November 2019.

    For more information:

    Daedalus Yachts
    109 Anchors Way Dr
    Edenton, NC 27932

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.