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News: Construction Starts On First M40 At MondoMarine

Discussion in 'MondoMarine News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Aug 5, 2015.

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  1. MondoMarine Starts Construction On First M40 Explorer Yacht
    The first hull of the new M40 Explorer series has started construction by MondoMarine. It is currently in build at MondoMarine's Savona shipyard. The first steel plates have been assembled under the shipyard management and Sergio Cutolo’s surveillance. Sergio Cutolo of HydroTec is in charge of the project concerning the development of the architecture and the exterior design. You may remember this vessel was sold to her present European client earlier in the year and now construction has started in June.
  2. This unit still maintains the main characteristics an exploration vessel which include: a high bow, vertical bridge windows, generous living spaces on deck and generous storerooms to haul suitable auxiliary means to explore remote places. On top of these features M40’s structural strength ensures maximum safety even in very demanding conditions and its engines are appropriately sized to fit long range cruising. With twin CAT C32 ACERT engines this yacht is expected to be able to run nearly 7,000 nautical miles at a continuous endurance speed of 10-knots. Top speed with this engine-setup a 14-knot top speed should be attainable. Fossati Design Bureau is working with the owner to put together the comfortable interior design. With construction started in earnest we look forward to this build launching perhaps in 2017.

    For more information:

    Mondo Marine
    Lungomare Matteotti 6
    17100 Savona

Thread Status:
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