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News: Bering Signs Contract With Portofino Yachts In Brazil

Discussion in 'Bering News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. Bering; Portofino Yachts Sign Contract
    The U.S-based Bering Yachts and Portofino Yachts (of Brazil) recently signed a contract that allows them further access the Brazilian market. With that said, Portofino Yachts becomes the exclusive distributor for the Bering Yacht brand in Brazil. Of course Bering is still a relatively young company but has built a name for itself since coming to the market in 2007. Specializing in pocket yachts and go-anywhere expeditions and trawlers, Bering Yachts will get you where you need to go albeit sipping on the fuel.
  2. Portofino Yachts of Brazil launched their own presence at the recent Sao Paulo Boat Show earlier this month (Oct 1-6) and officially started the push of the Bering brand from there on. Andre du Pont of Portofino Yachts said, "people will be able to navigate the entire coast of Brazil and make safe transoceanic voyages without the need of refueling." In a time where Brazilians are watching their pocket and choosing to invest their money abroad, the new Bering-Portofino partnership offers a much cheaper and cost effective solution to their luxury needs. Of course you can carry your luxury accommodation where ever unlike having luxury land-based accommodation. Bering offers yachts in three lines, the Explorer, Expedition and YachtShip categories.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.