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News: AvA Yachts Introduce Kando 150XL

Discussion in 'Unique, Custom or New Launches' started by Yacht News, Aug 25, 2022.

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  1. AvA Yachts Expand Kando Range With 150XL
    The Kando Series continues to expand and although AvA Yachts has not actually launched alot of them - so far only Kando 110 and "Infinity Nine"- the model lineup is growing. After The Kando 110 series attention focused to the Kando 130XL and while the yard is working on that they have quietly introduced another model, the largest of the Kando line so far the Kando 150XL.
  2. The Kando 150XL is around 47-meters and very close to the 500 GT mark. AvA Yachts is pushing the exploring capabilities of these yachts and optimizing them for impressive autonomy. The Kando 150XL for example is boasting -in theory- a greater than 7,000 nautical mile range. Construction is going to be with high-tensile steel for the hull and aluminium. Below is a look at the slightly smaller Kando 130XL.
  3. The yacht is designed entirely by AvA Yachts; the engineering, exterior and interior design are all in-house. The interior can accommodate guests in up to 6 cabins should an owner prescribe this layout. Of course it can be done with 5 cabins too. In the case of 6 guest cabins the layout will be five double cabins and a master suite to sleep up to 12 guests. 3 cabins are for the crew with a captain's cabin on the bridge deck. Below are the basic general arrangement plans.
  4. The standard engine setup for the Kando 150XL should be a pair of Cummins 1,000 horse power engines which are calculated to run the yacht up to 14-knots. Her range is extended to those impressive figures when she is dialed back to 10-knots or slower. Full tank capacity is expected to be 80,000 LT along with 15,000 LT of fresh water. Other features onboard include a jacuzzi on the flybridge, transformer swimming platform and wide exterior seating/sunbathing areas. Basic dimensions of this yacht read a length of 46.70-meters, beam of 9-meters and draft of 2.5-meters. Fin stabilizers and stern and bow thrusters for close-quarters maneuvering are also expected on the new Kando 150XL. Below is the Kando 110 and this shows the platform AvA Yachts is developing the larger yachts from.

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