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News: 19.2M Lamborghini Yacht Delivered

Discussion in 'Admiral Tecnomar Yachts' started by Yacht News, Jul 27, 2021.

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  1. Tecnomar Delivers 19.2-meter Lamborghini Yacht
    In this article we will give you a glimpse of how inside the newly delivered Tecnomar 19.2-meter Lamborgini yacht is finished. With the name Lamborgini associated with the build the partnership with Tecnomar and ultimately the Italian Sea Group, the yacht has many cues taken from Lamborghini's well-noted supercar exploits and designs. In fact, this yacht has been modeled after the Lamborghini Siàn FKP 37. While the exterior of the Lamborghini 63 is striking on the exterior it is the interior that has not really been seen.
  2. The interior may not be everyone's cup-of-tea but it sure gives a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Immediately one can see certain tones and shapes reoccurring throughout the spaces. Gold and Black are the main colours that stand-out on the interior and come together to create a subdued and personal feeling. Horizonal 'Y' shapes are everywhere on the interior whether by themselves or brought together to make a particular pattern. This certainly was echoed from the pattern of the 'DRL' (Daytime Running Light) on the bow of the yacht which represents the DRL on many of Lamborghni's cars. This pattern can be seen repeated throughout the interior but more specifically in the principal cabin onboard as seen below.
  3. Even in the bathroom/head these shapes repeat themselves. Although, in here there is less colour dynamism as the focus is simply on a mono-slate space. A large mirrored surface above the vanity and clever indirect accent LED lighting creates a sense of spatial difference. Even the sink shape pays homage to the concept and repeated theme. The door carefully replicates the idea too, effortlessly.
  4. Besides the principal cabin there is also a twin cabin onboard for guests and like in the principal suite, the gold accents return to breakup the major proportioning of dark tones. Look carefully throughout the space and you will see those shapes represented pretty much everywhere. 'Lamborghini 63' branded towels, bag etc reinforce the idea of your current state of reality. Luxury and performance even abound in the twin cabin.
  5. Speaking of performance, there are a pair of MAN V12 2000 engines onboard. 60-knots was the projected top speed for this carbon-fiber yacht but closer to 63-knots was the final figure. This makes the Lamborghini 63 the fastest yacht in the Italian Sea Group's fleet of yachts across all its brands. Just look at this helm station, you know you are commanding a rocket!

    For more information:

    The Italian Sea Group
    Viale C. Colombo, 4Bis
    54033 Marina di Carrara (MS) Italy

Thread Status:
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