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New Side Thruster Controls...

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by YachtForums, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. 4th-Generation Side-Power Controls
    include two new “intelligent” panels.

    New Bedford, MA -- Imtra Corporation proudly introduces two new round control panels for Side-Power bow thrusters. These elegant, yet intuitive, dashboard units are designed to make intelligent and safe operation even easier.

    One panel (#8955) is touch-actuated: simply press the arrow and that’s the direction the bow swings. The other (#8965) uses a chromed boat as a joystick: push its bow in one direction and that’s where the bow thruster will move the boat’s bow.

    Both panels incorporate all the standard safety features as well as a few improved features. An internal timer automatically shuts off the bow thruster six minutes after its last use, so that it cannot inadvertently be used after departure or docking. This combines with a “Dual On” set of buttons which initiate operation; it’s virtually instantaneous but offers the safety of deliberate intention.

    The round low-profile panels have been styled to complement other instruments and controls in modern bridge layouts. The 3.41” (86.5mm) diameter chrome ring encloses a black panel face with a sleek new design.

    Boatbuilders will appreciate the ease of installation engineered into both units. The cutout (2” holesaw) matches the size common to many dashboard instruments and gauges. Large overlap by the display panel covers any accidental chipping during the cut as well as hides screws for a more exclusive appearance. And, a pre-fitted O-ring eliminates the chance of this important seal being less than watertight.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.