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New Launch: CRN 60-meter "Blue Eyes"

Discussion in 'CRN News & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 14, 2009.

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  1. CRN launches 60-meter "Blue Eyes"

    A new launching ceremony at the CRN shipyard, held on Saturday, May 9th, saw a flurry of blue confetti rain down on the 60-metre "Blue Eyes", hull number 126 of the Ancona shipyard. The inspiring ceremony, open to all the people of the city, took place against the charming backdrop of a warm spring sunset.

    More than a thousand admirers were able to get an up-close look at the resplendent blue hull of BLUE EYES. Numerous well known Italian business figures were on hand to witness the moment in person, including Brunello Cucinelli, Ettore Riello, Colaiacovo and Zeno Soave, not to mention the fashion designer Alberta Ferretti, as well as Ancona's top city officials.

    The Castelferretti municipal band began playing around 6:00 pm, as the ceremony got underway with opening remarks from Norberto Ferretti, President of Ferretti S.p.A.: "All launches are thrilling, special events, which is why I always invite my friends to be on hand. There is always that moment of high suspense, as the ship slides down into the water all by itself, and all we can do is wait. This has definitely been a challenging year for our industry and our company - noted the President - but things are already starting to look up, which gives us all the more reason to celebrate. Add in the fact that the owner of this new boat is a friend, and an Italian, and we all have reason to be immensely proud" .

    Following the highly flattering words of the representative of the Yacht Owners Society, who remembered back to the highly satisfying period of the boat's construction, up to and including the magical moment of the launch, CRN President Lamberto Tacoli stepped up to the microphone. Stressing that "If we continue to focus our every effort on the Product and the Client, we can definitely look forward to a positive, successful future", he also offered his best wishes to Ancona's new municipal administration, expressing his confidence that it will succeed in organizing "A working table able to generate wise, fruitful results".

    After thanking the owners for the vote of confidence given to the shipyard three years ago, Mr. Tacoli read the words of a poem written by a CRN worker, in a special tribute to those who worked on the boat with the love and passion needed to bring to life such a stupendous result.

    The benediction of the ship was the final act in the official celebration, followed by the classic breaking of the bottle, after which Blue Eyes slid gently into the water to the stirring notes of Turandot.The event was topped off by a cocktail party for invited guests on the CRN wharf, to the refined accompaniment of live jazz music.

    With its rakish, flowing bow, its impressively sized interior spaces and its extensive surface area perched over the sea, BLUE EYES is a steel and aluminum mega-yacht born of a joint collaboration between the CRN shipyard and the Zuccon International Project firm, which designed the exterior, while the interior design was handled by the Fabrizio Smania company.

    A major innovation is the aft area of the lower deck, meant to function as a full-fledged beach club, with the stern hatch lowering nearly flush to the water, where it can be equipped with comfortable sun lounges to create an ideal solarium. Connected to this area is an indoor relaxation zone where guests can enjoy being close to the sea while relaxing on comfortable sofas in the shade.

    Another distinctive feature of the ship is the balcony of the owner's suite, designed to be nothing less than a terrace on the sea, thanks to a hatch that can be lowered 90 degrees. A strongpoint of CRN mega-yacht design, and one of the custom features most frequently requested by owners, the owner's balcony is a major innovation that has quickly become an established tradition.

    For more information:

    CRN Shipyard,
    Via Enrico Mattei, n. 26,
    60125 Ancona (AN),
    (+39) 071-5011.111

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