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New Launch: Benetti 52-meter "Latinou"

Discussion in 'Benetti News & Launches' started by YachtForums, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. New Launch: Benetti 52-meter "Latinou"

    The festivities for the launch of Benetti's FB237, "Latinou", the new 52-meter built in the Livorno facility, started Saturday, April 19th in the morning, when the owner invited 200 labourers onboard, together with their families for a toast with a rare champagne expressly bottled for the occasion. A grateful thanks for having contributed to making a dream come true. An unusual noble gesture, appreciated by all the labourers.

    The gratitude towards the Benetti team and the shipyard has been also shown during the ceremony of the launch, revealing the sincere pride of the owners for the newest arrival to the family. As a mark of appreciation Benetti organized a beautiful tailor made party, paying the same attention and the same worldly wisdom used during the construction of Latinou, the provençal word for elegance and harmony.
  2. Latinou is the result of the expertise of an experienced team of boatbuilders at the Benetti shipyard. The interior décor is the result of the collaboration between the shipyard and the yacht’s owners, who wanted to reproduce the typical atmosphere of the thirties, completely art deco, but well combined with several innovative solutions.

    Designed by Stefano Natucci, an impressive 240 tons of steel and aluminum, 80,000 metres of cables, 4,000 metres of piping have gone into its making. Add to these 3,600 metres of cherry wood panelling, marble and crystal plus around 100 metres of the finest fabrics and highest quality leather and a masterpiece is created.

    Latinou has been designed specifically for chartering. There is a well-equipped kitchen on the main deck with bathrooms and a spacious garage with capacity for two tenders and jet skis. On the under lower deck, there is a wine cellar, a laundry and baggage room. But it is in the main salon where the magic comes to life. There are intimate conversation corners and convivial spaces penetrated by gold shafts of light coming from an unexpected skylight... Latinou's futuristic elevator from which a ray of light permeates the vessel’s five decks.

    A second salon sits on the upper deck with a playing table, conversation area and bar. A sliding door to the outside allows the interior and exterior areas to blend into one. The owner’s suite on the main deck is a triumph incorporating the finest in technology, style and creativity with a balcony and panoramic view of the ocean.

    For more information contact:

    Benetti Yachts
    Via Coppino 104,
    55049, Viareggio Italy
Thread Status:
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