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New Hull Cleaner

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by YachtForums, Mar 20, 2005.

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    Capt. Chomp Hull Cleaner is the proverbial 600-pound gorilla—obliterating hull stains and everything else in its path—but not harming human skin, clothing fabric, antifouling paint or gelcoat.

    Using organic salt technology and a patented surfactant system, the cleaner contains no harmful chemicals. Its cleaning performance is nearly identical to products containing hydrochloric and phosphoric acids. But Chomp Hull Cleaner is so mild that it can be sprayed directly on the skin without danger of irritation or burning.

    Its spray-and-rinse formula is effective against rust, calcium, water, scum and algae. But the cleaner’s non-toxic and non-reactive formula will not damage, discolor or etch hull surfaces made of fiberglass, metal or wood. And Chomp Hull Cleaner will ease a boater's concerns about the ecology, too.

    Since it requires no special handling or storage, the cleaner can even be shipped DOT Class 55. Chomp's line of effective, environmentally safe cleaning products are now available to the marine industry.

    The retail price of a 32-oz. spray bottle of Hull Cleaner is $10.99.

    For information, visit or contact RMG Direct, Inc., P. O. Box 5675, Lutherville, MD 21094. Phone: 443-838-4420
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.