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New Design: Strand Craft 122' SuperSport

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, May 31, 2010.

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  1. Strand Craft 122' SuperSport
    Resplendent Ride With Wild Wheels

    by Carl Camper​

    Satisfying the new demands of the express market for a larger, more versatile vessel, Stand Craft
    has introduced an extravagant new 122' SuperSport concept that blends style & speed with a
    tender to remember. Based on the buzz generating "Ms. Sweden", an offshore retro rocket previously
    featured on YachtForums, this 38-meter monster is a go-fast yacht with a go-faster, land blaster.​

    Strand Craft's previous launches include the 40' "Prima Donna", another retro ride paying homage to the art deco era that went from the drawing board to drawing draft when it splashed late last year. Now, designer Eduard Gray in conjunction with cool boat builder Kurt Strand, have embarked on a larger-than-life concept that brings together the best of both worlds... on land & sea. Strand craft has taken the not particularly practical, statement making style of the express cruiser and converted it to the world's fastest garage with a one-off, Veyron vetoing supercar that looks like the alien offspring of its mothership.
  2. At 122' feet, the proportions of this dock candy dwarf its Cigarette siblings, but that's where the go-fast bravado stops. With high gloss mahogany inlays on the fore deck and all-glass atrium covering the cockpit, the Strand Craft 122' Express offers a true Open experience with all the comforts of being fully enclosed. Powered by twin 9000hp MTU diesels, it has an estimated cruise of 40 knots and punches out at 55 knots.
  3. The most stunning feature of the SC122 is a specially handcrafted supercar (or tender, in this case). It is a completely one-off design closely resembling the genetic form and fashion of the mothership. Slightly retro with a swoopy silhouette much like momma, it will be handcrafted in Italy.
  4. A hydraulic garage door raises upwards and deploys a retractable passarelle to become a dockside driveway. The passarelle will be hinged, allowing up to 2-meters of travel for low tides. There are two sets of stairs leading from bridge deck to the swim platform, which can be lowered for swimming and launching of the 272 hp HSR-Benelli rib tender.
  5. A closer look at the SC122's supercar reveals a rear mounted, 880hp twin-turbo V12 engine with an estimated 375 kmh top speed. Built from carbon fiber and weighing in at just 2600 lbs., it has a projected 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds, but a head-snapping WTH time measuring in the milliseconds.
  6. Featuring an all-glass cockpit, at the helm and up above, it will have 3 digital displays for systems monitoring, plus a thermal vision camera for night ops. The stats call for radar and sat domes to deploy from the roof, but this is one of those 'believe it when you see it' things. Overall, the bridge deck is a very clean, minimalistic approach to Med life. There are three large sofas to seat 15 players, while aft is a large sun bed for 4 faux-femmes.
  7. The resplendent salon is entered via individual sweeping staircases to port and starboard. Here, you feel is if you have entered the Waldorf Astoria in the 1920's. Aft of the stairway is a galley with a cozy bar. To starboard is a club dining area. The entire salon can be transformed to a luxury disco with a sophisticated surround sound system from Bang & Olufsen.
  8. Forward, there are 4 double cabins, each with stunning seaviews from elliptical bullet-proof windows that stretch halfway across the hull. At the forepeak are two crew cabins. Greek marble is used throughout the boat with Hexacon lightweight paneling to offset the increased weight of high-end fixtures.
  9. Specifications:

    Length: 38m
    Beam: 7,5m
    Draft: 1,4 m
    Weight: 120 tons
    Fuel: 20,000 liters
    Water: 3,000 liters
    Engines: 2 x MTU 16V4000 4610Hp
    Drives: 2 x Rolls-Royce KaMeWa 71S3
    Optional: Booster 5100Hp Vericor TF 50 / Rolls-Royce KaMeWa waterjet
    Speed: 43knots / 55 knots with boost

    For more information contact:

    Stand Craft

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