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New Design: MondoMarine Streamline II

Discussion in 'Unique, Custom or New Yachts' started by Yacht News, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Yacht News

    Yacht News YF News Editor

    Mar 29, 2006
    MondoMarine "Streamline II"

    It all starts with lines. Cor D. Rover could not be more right as yachts morph from a few lines on a page to a design and then to the construction of the actual yacht. Cor D. Rover has collaborated with MondoMarine once again to produce a sleek and fast looking yacht. This yacht is the new 49M under construction for 2009.

    If one pays sufficient attention to MondoMarine's yachts, they will realize a meshing of simplicity and sophistication. Also, the genes of the previous builds seem to permeate into future builds. For example, this new 49M has a striking near resemblance to the Streamline.

    One of the main features of this particular design that commands attention is the main mast. On profile, the black and grey main mast is vertically oriented and arranged with a three-tier design. The lowest tier really acts as the radar arch, spanning the width of the Sun-Deck. Atop this rests SAT-COM domes as well as the second tier which holds the first radar. The third tier holds the second radar and respective navigation lights and antennae.

    Below the radar mast is the Sun-Deck. This deck is uncluttered and spacious affording a true relaxing outdoor experience. The aft section of this deck can be created into a space for steamer lounge chairs. The fore of the sun-deck is as spacious with an abundance of seating in the form of a circularly styled sun-pad region. Midways on the port-side, a stairs takes guests down to the Bridge Deck.

    On the Bridge-Deck, three distinct spaces abound. These distinct spaces include a cozy aft exterior deck, interior mini-saloon/sky lounge with foyer stairs and the bridge to the fore. The aft exterior deck has room and seating for socializing with guests and friends. Inside the mini-saloon/sky lounge, there is entertaining space with a range of seating and entertainment systems. Forward of this position is the foyer stairs that will take guests up and down between decks. Forward of here are captain’s quarters and the bridge or wheelhouse where Streamline II will be controlled from.

    One level down through the foyer stairs takes will lead guests to the main deck. The Main-Deck is divided into four sections, another outdoor aft area, main saloon, foyer stairs and master stateroom. The aft outdoor can be used for similar purposes to the region one deck above- socializing with friends and guests. This will be aided with more seating and table arrangements. The main saloon is set on relaxation and entertainment with comfortable minimal seating and what appears to be a centrally oriented entertainment system.

    Forward of the main saloon region is the foyer stairs and the master room. The master is fitted with a large bed centrally placed on the forward bulkhead. The remaining space in the room plan is taken up by sporadically placed chairs and furniture. The main foyer stairs will take one below to the last level, the Lower-Deck.

    The Lower-Deck consists of three-main sections, the main tender garage in the aft, the engine room and guest and crew accommodation. The guest accommodation is separated into 3 or 5 double bed cabins depending on the needed configuration. The crews are to be put up into 4 double cabins.

    The Naval Architecture of Streamline II was done by MondoMarine and SYDAC while the exterior styling was the job of Cor D. Rover. The interior of the Streamline II has been developed by Luca Dini. Performance wise, this 49M is expected to push the water aside at a cruising speed of 14 knots while a maximum of 16 knots is attainable. 2 X CAT 3512B will push the 470 ton yacht to the desired speeds. However, if an ocean crossing range is needed, the Streamline II can rack up 4,000 NM at 12 knots.

    All in all, the Streamline II bears similar resemblance to her to be slightly older sister of the same name (Streamline). Cor D. Rover has concocted another beautiful exterior design for MondoMarine and with the expected performance package; she will be a wonderful yacht to enjoy.

    Here are the particulars for the Streamline II 49M mega yacht:

    LOA: 49.00M
    LWL: 39.53M
    BOA: 9.50M
    Draught: 2.58M
    Displacement: 470 tons
    Engines: 2 X CAT 3512B
    Speeds: 14 knots (cruise), 16 knots (maximum)
    Range: 4,000 NM at 12 knots
    Naval Architecture: MondoMarine and SYDAC
    Exterior Styling: Cor D. Rover
    Interior Design: Luca Dini

    For more on the Streamline II keep posted to the MondoMarine and Cor D. Rover websites at:

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