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New Design: Icon 95-meter

Discussion in 'Icon News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Icon Yachts unveils a 95-meter design at the Abu Dhabi Show

    At the just concluded Abu Dhabi Show, a new superyacht design was unveiled for the public to see. This new design is an effort between Icon Yachts and Redman Whiteley Dixon. The vessel is comtemporary in design yet the styling is radical with sleek profile accentuated by raked superstructure windscreen glass.

    Justin Redman of Redman Whiteley Dixon adds: "The RWD Icon 95 is an elegantly proportioned yacht conceptualized specifically for the Gulf States. By keeping the superstructure to three decks the designers were able to evolve the assertive Icon profile towards a lean and low silhouette. Icon 95 includes a fully compliant LY2 helipad with its own arrival saloon on the owners deck aft.

    The raked fore and aft windscreens contrast to the sinuous hull and superstructure lines to give the profile a dynamic poise. Structural fabrics and tensile surfaces are a modern interpretation of traditional Arabic shipbuilding and architecture: This innovative detailing coupled with the clean lines will retain the proportion and presence allowing the profile to be adapted to suit an owner’s specific general arrangement."

    For more information:

    Icon Yachts,
    Lange Lijnbaan 7 en 11,
    8861 NW Harlingen,
    The Netherlands.
    Phone +31-(0)517 49 46 00

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.