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New Design: Gloss 55-meter "Ghost"

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. New Design: 55-meter "Ghost"

    The Ghost 180 is intended to simplify operations by way of sophisticated nautical technology.
    It is the brain-child of the Italian design firm Gloss Design and Dutch marketing consultant Björn Moonen,
    both with completely different backgrounds, but a common passion for yachts and technology.​

    The target of the project was to create a sustainable, durable and less complicated yacht. Easier to build, shorter lead times, better overview of the build process and reduced costs are the project’s cornerstones . During the design stage, Ghost 180 went through a life cycle assessment with the goal to have a better understanding of the financial and ecological impact of the yacht and reduce it. The signature styling of the Ghost 180 is a combination of sharp angles combined with clear smooth surfaces. The design plays with the ambient light and is accentuated by the lights and shadows that appear when the yacht changes position. The goal was to design a modern interpretation of a superyacht without crossing the line of futuristic styling.
  2. The slender hull and superstructure are a part of the innovative package of the yacht. Ghost 180’s structure combines materials which are proven in practice and new materials like Aluminium Foam Sandwich (AFS) and Fibre Metal Laminates (FML). The propulsion concept is designed for reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions with the option to incorporate a diesel electric hybrid. The system also provides more flexibility to adept the power output to the cruising speed requirements. The reduced hotel consumption adds another benefit to the overall emissions savings. The interior boasts a smart and uncomplicated layout. Ghost 180 has a capacity of twelve guests including the owners. Special attention was given to the crew areas in order provide more pleasant working and living spaces for all twelve crew members and the captain.
  3. The interior offers a high level of convenience and quality of life onboard. The large window surfaces provide the interior with a flood of natural light. A feeling of being one with the outside world is a natural result. The lower deck offers two VIP suites, each with a separate lounge area. The owner’s loft is located on the upper deck where the owner can enjoy the scenery in total comfort and privacy. The main deck offers three guest cabins, two of them with their own private balcony. The loft-style main salon with connected dining room display a huge amount of space. The smart deck layout provides a maximum of unobstructed views to the surroundings and guarantee the best of al fresco living space. A beach-club with sauna, steam room and gymnasium tops of the guest amenities.
  4. Ghost Plans; Upper
  5. Ghost Plans; Lower
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