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New Design: Chris Seymour 96-meter "Sunset Heaven"

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Chris Seymour 96-meter "Sunset Heaven"
    Plumb Bow Beauty Tweaks Tradition

    Christopher Seymour has just released his second design concept; “Sunset Heaven”. Coming
    in at a gargantuan, giga-yacht topping length of 96-meters (96.77m/317.50’), this resto-mod cruiser
    sports traditional lines and fresh elements to produce a beautiful modern classic. ​

    Starting subsurface, the hull improves efficiency with a plumb bow; extending the waterline to improve the displacement to length ratio. It has a superfine entry for less resistance and a spray chine to reduce wetted surface area and create a small amount of lift. Even the anchors are hidden to help improve the flow of water and air across the sides of the hull. Together with diesel-electric propulsion and pod-drives, the vessel should prove efficient and grant long range distance.
  2. Her interior layout was designed to give the Owner, Guests, and Crews not only a pleasurable experience, but to make sure it was ergonomically friendly as well. So, situated on the bottom deck are the crew’s accommodation, mess, lounge, and main kitchen. The bottom deck is pretty much all crew living space, taking up to 30% of the interior volume. The bridge is located on Deck Three, although the bridge itself will not be accessible to guests. The remainder of the deck will guests access for lounging or enjoying the views around the perimeter of the deck. On the final top deck - Deck Four - will be a spa, lounge, inside bar, back deck lounge, with a bar on either side for further enjoying the spectacular views.
  3. Deck Two - the Owner’s Deck - can really be made very exclusive at the Owner or VIP’s request by keeping it private and only accessible to certain guests. The front part of the superstructure, will house the Main/Owner’s suite, with expansive views of the ocean landscape. Aft will be a large lounge, dining, and private bar. A second galley will also be on this level for fast service. Deck Two, will not only have its own spa, lounges and a bar on either side on the back deck, but a pool and sun chairs on the front deck for more private family time. When the sun goes down the front deck can be cleared for a private party, functions, or for special dinners.
  4. Deck One will house the VIP, Special Guests suites, the main dining and lounge area for the guests to enjoy. There will also be two VIP’s suites with their own fold out balcony. Also, on Deck One will be the main aft deck with a large pool, lounges, and sun chairs. And finally, a pad is located on the front deck for airborne toys. Sunset Heaven has waterborne toys as well. The stern will house the two main tenders, jet skis, underwater scooters and dive equipment. The second tender will be a custom designed tender by Christopher Seymour with similar styling to Sunset Heaven.
  5. Specifications:

    Propulsion – Diesel-electric
    Top Speed – 18 knots (Approx)
    Cruise Speed – 14 Knots (Approx)
    Crew – 22 (Estimated)
    Guests – 14 (Estimated)
    Exterior Designer – Christopher Seymour Designs
    Interior Designer – T.B.C
    Yard/Builder – T.B.C

    For further information contact:

    Christopher Seymour Designs

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