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New Design: Amels Reverse Bow 199'

Discussion in 'Amels News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Amels to Unveil Reverse-Bow 199'

    A new Amels LIMITED EDITIONS will be unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show. The AMELS 199 is designed with bold originality by Tim Heywood and flexible interior styling by Nuvolari & Lenard. The concept is enhanced by aesthetic and technical input from owners, crews, project managers, suppliers, brokers, Lloyd's Register, Delft Technical University, MARIN, and AMELS' Continuous Improvement Program. The resulting yacht is filled with fresh ideas.

    Tim Heywood gave the LIMITED EDITIONS AMELS 199 a unique shape-with gentle tumblehome, curved vertical stem, bridge-wing pods, arched deck supports, flared wings, round portlights, and vertical mullions. The form naturally creates large outside areas with convenient access to all luxury accommodations.

    This 1046 gross ton yacht has a 59.8-meter waterline on a 60-meter hull. This inspired AMELS' naval architects to create a low-resistance underbody through Computational Fluid Dynamics and thorough tank testing. It has ample volume, seakeeping, fuel efficiency, and long range capability at 16.5-knot top speed.

    Nuvolari Lenard created an attractive interior that fits perfectly into the overall style and structural possibilities of the design. Their "transitional" tailoring benefits from both traditional and contemporary styles. To their strong use of wood, such as bleached stained oak, they apply natural colors and warm materials, then select lighting to enhance colors and volumes.

    For more information:

    Amels Holland
    P.O. Box 84 / 4380 AB Vlissingen,
    Koningsweg 2 / 4381 NA Vlissingen,
    The Netherlands.
    T: +31 118-485 002

Thread Status:
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