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New Design: 80M "Project Light"

Discussion in 'Fincantieri News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Fincanteri 80-meter "Project Light"

    Following up on many designs and projects in the Fincanteri portfolio, a new design has come to 'light'. Indeed this is little play on words because the new design has been dubbed 'Project Light'. Following on 'Wave', 'Marco Polo' 'Morpheus', 'Goldmine' and 'Prospect', the 80-meter Project Light is anything but overly mainstream.

    This 262-foot long design is offering stately interior space. This is provided by a significant 46-foot overall beam. The interior will possibly feature lightly colored hues accentuated by quality teak and materials. An airy atmosphere is further aided by the abundant bank of panoramic windows that dominate the superstructure.

    A wealth of panoramic windows allows significant natural light to filter the interior spaces. Natural light in conjunction with light natural materials aid in an airy atmosphere. On the exterior, the design is beautifully poised with its plumb bow, a feature that is increasingly popular in modern yacht design.

    Project Light spreads over four public decks and the abundance of exterior deck space is evident with the particular arrangement. From the Fincanteri Yachts rendering, a large flush pool placed on the fore-deck is visible. These are flanked by a bank of sunpads and seating regions on all sides.

    This region is incorporated into the expansive owner's deck. The deck that is totally reserved for the owner of the yacht. The fore of the owner's deck superstructure will feature an expansive owner's suite with impressive panoramic windows that will allow for vistas both over the fore and sides of the 80-meter yacht.

    Above the expansive owner's deck is where the bridge deck is located. The Bridge takes command of the fore of that deck offering unsurpassed views for the ultimate navigation of Project Light. Behind the bridge is public space and open deck with a helipad incorporated. Down on the main deck, saloon and entertainment space abound.

    On the aft of the main deck, a huge bank of sunpadded regions await the lazy and relaxed guest. Below that in the transom, beach-styled doors will fold towards the sea offering a near water-level open-aired experience. Project Light was designed by NAUTA YACHTS and engineered by Fincanteri Yachts.


    LOA: 262.00 feet
    BOA: 46.00 feet
    Draught: 13.10 feet
    Displacement: 2,200 GT
    Engines: 2 X 2465 KW
    Speed: 18.5 knots (max) ; 17.0 knots (cruise)
    Range: 6,000 NM @ 16 knots
    Design: NAUTA YACHTS
    Engineer: Fincanteri Yachts

    For more information:

    Fincanteri Yachts,
    19126 Muggiano (La Spezia)
    Viale S. Bartolomeo, 446
    ph. +39 0187 543238

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