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New Build: CRN 80-meter

Discussion in 'CRN News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. Yacht News

    Yacht News YF News Editor

    Mar 29, 2006
    CRN Shipyards showcases 80M superyacht

    The CRN shipyard takes on a brand-new, extra-large challenge: vessel number 129, built of aluminium and steel, and measuring 80 metres - making it the largest yacht ever built in Ancona- yet another offspring of the fruitful working relationship between the CRN technical staff, which handled the naval architecture, and the firm Studio Zuccon International Project, which designed the external layout. As for the decorating scheme of the interior, it was created by designer Laura Sessa Romboli, at the request of the shipowner himself. This mix of talent and skill will give birth to a large darling little jewel of the sea, capable of holding 12 guests, in addition to a technical staff of 30 people.

    "This project represents both an amalgamation and a further development of the distinctive characteristics and the innovative soul of the most recent ships to be turned out under the CRN name," declares Lamberto Tacoli, President of the shipyard in the Marches Region. "Large dimensions, roomy spaces, sinuous forms and soft design lines, plus painstaking attention to detail and onboard well being, along with an artful interplay of lights and, last but not least, a direct connection to the sea." Features that were anything but standard choices for a vessel this size, designed by combining a series of customized solutions, such as the stern beach platform, made possible by a hatch that lowers itself until it hovers just over the water, or the massive windows, which allow light to pour into the ship's interior, while, at the same time, ensuring unbroken visual contact with the surrounding water.

    This 80-metre CRN mega-yacht, the best example yet of the shipyard's trademark strengths, has been custom designed to meet the precise requests of the owner: the design of the guests' quarters is unique to this vessel, featuring 6 suites with balconies and terraces on the sea on the main deck, plus an exclusive refuge for the owner and his family, in the form of an entire "Owner's Deck", all without losing sight of the well being of body and soul, thanks to a fitness area, a wellness spa an d an adjoining beach club in the aft portion of the lower deck.

    Right from the point of entry on the ship, there is no mistaking the exceptional welcome prepared for onboard guests. When the yacht is docked in a harbor, those who board it enter through a large hatch that lowers itself to a position just above the water, leading to the lower deck, and from there to the foyer, as well as a circular lobby and an elevator that stops at all 5 decks. The staff enters the boat through another hatch placed in a position exactly symmetrical to the first.

    The entire main deck, whose distinctive feature is its large rooms, is set aside for the guest quarters. The design plans call for the large well area astern to hold a comfort zone outfitted with inviting sofas that lead to indoor lounge that can be filled to overflowing with light. A foyer separates the day area from the night area, which contains 6 suites with adjoining bathrooms. On the starboard side of the ship is a business room, also set aside for the guests. With its breathtaking view, the room makes for an ideal, relaxing place to work while maintaining visual contact with the sea, and it includes a splendid terrace perched over the waves, formed with a hatch that lowers to a 90-degree angle and can be outfitted with a table and chairs when the yacht is docked. The site on the left comes with an identical, mirror-opposite suite. A second VIP cabin, on the other hand, has been designed with a built-in balcony offering a view of the sea and suitable for use even during navigation.

    The upper deck is the realm of day zone, outfitted with living room and dining room areas, both indoor and outdoor. Moving towards the stern of the ship, we pass through a lobby before entering a roomy upper salon decorated with elegant armchairs and sofas, while a delightful "al fresco" dining room can accommodate the owner and his guests for an aperitif, a lunch or a dinner, or simply for a chat. Continuing in this same direction, we come across the dining room, also filled with light and outfitted with large sliding or fold-away door size windows that, thanks to the large external panes, help reinforce the visual tie with the sea. The Upper Deck is also the domain of the Captain, whose quarters are located near the wheelhouse and the radio room, designed in an innovative round form and equipped with the most modern navigation systems available. The bridge of the ship, in what represents a first for a CRN vessel, has a circular layout: a design innovation that provides the Captain and his staff with a more extensive view of the sea.

    The shipowner's decided, entirely on his own, to have an entire deck set aside as the owner's deck, for himself and his family, with the combined indoor floor space of the units measuring 240 m2. The entryway is also completely private: only the shipowner and the members of his family can take it, using the elevator that connects the lobbies of the various decks, or by landing with a helicopter on the stern portion of the same deck. In the forward portion of the deck is a large bathroom, a beauty shop and two large walk-in closets. After crossing through the lobby and continuing in the direction of the stern, we come across a TV room and a cabin for the staff. Finally, as is only fitting, noteworthy: outside, towards the bow, is a whirlpool tub, while the stern portion holds zone designed for rest and relaxation and furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs.

    The sundeck, an open-air oasis, is outfitted with a large, comfortable sunning area, including a bar on the forward portion of the deck, offset by a second sunning area designed in a half-moon shape ad outfitted with a Jacuzzi towards the bow.

    The crew of this super-yacht numbers 30, including the Captain, while 7 members of the owner's personal staff are housed in 4 cabins found on the main deck. The lower deck, set aside for the rest of the crew, includes the kitchens and a utilities area, plus the engine room, with a separate control room, while the garage found to the aft of the engine room can hold a 10 metre boat and a tender (or aqua scooters) of up to 7 metres. Moving toward the stern, on the other hand, and passing through another lobby, we reach the 11 crew cabins, pus a dining room and. On the left, a roomy kitchen.

    The owner's passion for wine has transformed the below-decks area, reached from the lower deck, into a full fledged wine-tasting and cellar facility, holding up top 1200 bottles, while the rest of the space below-decks is taken up by a storage facility, the laundry and a number of utility spaces.

    Placed on the aft portion of the lower deck of this jewel of naval architecture is a "beach club" measuring more than 100 m2 and formed by a large hatch that lowers itself almost flush with the water, turning into a roomy beach platform on which to take the sun or listen to the lapping of the waves. The relaxation area continues inside, with a fitness zone and a spa that includes a sauna, a full-fledged Hammam and a massage area. The guests have no trouble reaching their sites from this zone, thanks to an elegant, centrally positioned internal stairway.

    The yacht is powered by two Caterpillar 3516B-C engines that push the vessel at a cruising speed of 15 knots and a top speed of.The strength of this project is its uniqueness. Superyacht no 129 is the maximum expression to date of the innovation and quality typical of all vessels, but, in this case, raised to heights that give rise to a truly one of its kind ship.

    For more information:

    CRN Shipyards,
    Via Enrico Mattei, n. 26,
    60125 Ancona (AN),
    (+39) 071-5011.111


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