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Moonen Yacht Wallpapers

Discussion in 'Moonen Yacht' started by YachtForums, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Moonen Yachts

    Since 1981 Moonen Shipyards has blended the latest technology with age-old craftsmanship to create about 75 handsome, seaworthy yachts. Moonen is now a world leader in designing and building “pocket-size superyachts” between approx. 20 and 45 metres (65 and 150 feet). Moonen builds fully custom and semi-custom steel-hulled superyachts, including Displacement and Explorer types, as well as all-aluminum Fast Yachts and semi-displacement superyachts. All of exceptional, award-winning quality.

    Moonen strives to bring to life each client's unique vision of the ideal yacht, while maintaining that "typical Moonen" look. Each Moonen yacht therefore expresses the imagination of its owner, even as each shares the heritage of Moonen's experience, fine Dutch quality and workmanship. Owning a Moonen yacht means joining an exclusive club, as we build just three or four yachts each year.

    Moonen designs into each yacht the essential qualities of seakeeping, maneuverability, stability, silence, and the basic parameters of contentment by way of impeccable handmade wood joinery; designed, furnished, and decorated to the owner's taste. This combination of premium quality and advanced technology, guided by personal client input and the keen commitment of the Moonen crew, make every Moonen yacht a joy to own and an excellent investment.

    The same experienced hands who build Moonen yachts also perform the full range of refit work including general refurbishment, hull and superstructure lengthening, repair, or total rebuild. “Moonen Refits” is always ready to give "mature" Moonen yachts, or yachts from other respected shipyards, the reward of a new life.

    Since acquiring a new 60-metre construction hall in the town of Groot-Ammers, Moonen also does refits of yachts up to a length of approx. 50 meters (165 feet). The 's-Hertogenbosch yard continues to build yachts up to approx. 35 meters (115 feet) and retains all administrative functions, as well as engineering, design work; fabrication, finish, interior joinery while also creating stainless-steel components in their daughter company, Inoferro. This assures clients that all high-polish stainless aboard their yacht is made to perfection.

Thread Status:
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