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Moonen Quality......

Discussion in 'Moonen Yacht' started by JohnS, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. nilo

    nilo Senior Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    comparing apples to apples

    Dear Bjorn,

    You do not do justice to Moonen by comparing the Mulder 88 to their 84. Mulder 88 is a fast boat and in principal should be compared to the 94 alu.

    In my opinion 84 is still a fresh approach for a displacement boat. She represents leisurely movement, has a feminine look; whereas in the 94 Moonen tried to achieve a more masculine feeling, where speed is also incorporated in the lines. In spite of this new approach, the aim was to keep the traditional lines, which will still be contemporary in years to come and will not be obsolete like the Italian and English built fast boats.

  2. WrittenWord

    WrittenWord Guest

    Ahoy Nilo and Bjorn:

    Nilo, you certainly have a good handle on what Moonen is all about. Comparing the Moonen 84 to the Mulder is ludicrous as they have different purposes and different sort of clientele. The new Moonen "Alu" series, starting with the 94, is their answer to clients who want more speed. Both clients for the 94 are experienced with semi-displacement yachts and know what they want. And Bjorn, I have to remind you that the 7th and 8th Moonen 84s have been ordered and are now under construction for delivery next year. I think that's a clear indication that Moonen has hit it just right with the 4-cabin conception, Rene van der Velden's design, and the now the new Art-Line interior which has givien the 84 a new glow. Stay tuned as they sell more.

    I'm sure you both know that, after launching the "Explorer 114," the yard's largest-displacement yacht ever without its mast, Moonen just signed a contract for a 124-foot displacement yacht that will be the largest in the series that includes the 72, 84, 97, and 97. They'll figure out how to build it and get it to deep water under the bridge. The Dutch are miracle-makers when it comes to moving things on (and under!) the water. Bjorn, you can stop wondering why Moonen doesn't build larger yachts.

    Written Word
  3. AMG

    AMG YF Moderator

    Jul 26, 2004
    This is becoming confusing now...

    I am pretty sure that Björn is thinking of the old 84´which is actually designed by Frank Mulder and Moonens inhouse designers as one of a series from 80 to 89 feet I think. Some of them were built with steel hulls and some were all aluminium for higher speeds.

    They look a little like the all aluminium Mulder 88, designed by Guido de Groot and built by Mulder Shipyard and I can agree that they are aging if you compare.

    The newer 84´ from Moonen, designed by René van der Velden is more like the Mulder 88 in the design, but with a steel hull she is not as fast.

    I guess this is the boat you are thinking off?
  4. WrittenWord

    WrittenWord Guest

    Sorry, AMG, for any confusion. I guess for me the bottom line is that I see Moonen is on a roll, and they deserve it for some careful long-range planning. I think they know their basic market, and they are clearly widening it with the Explorer and the new 25-knot "94 Alu.".
  5. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    Mar 16, 2005
    London, UK
    Rumour has it that Moonen are holding a Mini-Rendezvous near Monaco after the show on Sunday 24th September which will be filmed from the air. They aim to capture the as many of the Moonen together fleet as possible. They will then distribute the DVD to owners as a souvenir!....
  6. WrittenWord

    WrittenWord Guest

    Oh, it's not just a rumo(u)r but the real thing! All Moonen owners, and lots of other folks, have been invited to a Friday afternoon champagne reception aboard the new Explorer 114, "My Issue," and there they will get instructions for the rendezvous on Sunday, after the show closes.
  7. CaptainKirt

    CaptainKirt New Member

    Aug 20, 2005
    Fort Lauderdale
    Moonen 114

    Does anyone have an idea of the replacement value of the Moonen 114?