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Marlow Yacht Wallpapers

Discussion in 'Marlow Yacht' started by YachtForums, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Marlow Yachts

    Marlow Yachts are built in David Marlow’s state of the art, four year-old, 25-acre Norsemen facility in Tainan, Taiwan, which holds every yacht title in manufacturing, including Lloyds Certification Ocean Class Category One classification; LRQA, ABS, ISO9001, DNV, NMMA, and AFYC. All models feature strict yacht architectural criteria, using Marlow’s “Strut Keel” technology, a design which employs twin keels at the stern, in addition to a shallow single centered keel.

    Marlow Yachts consist of only three major vacuum bagged, fiberglass components – Kevlar reinforced – and are used to mold each hull, promoting safety by eliminating extra joints and potential leaks. The engineered Velocijet Strut Keel technology involves tunnels, which accelerate and shape the propeller thrust to significantly lower drag. This innovation allows Marlow Yachts – while performing in top shape offshore – to also sport a draft of less than 5’, which means they are able to cruise shallower inshore waters not favorable to many other large yachts.

    In 1998, Marlow settled on the basic design and direction of Marlow Yachts, in conjunction with naval architect; Douglas Zurn. Kevlar was chosen for hull fabrics because it produces a hull that is more durable than common off-the-shelf fabrics. No polyester resins are used in a Marlow Explorer as history has shown they are more prone to osmotic blistering, have lower initial strength and suffer from ultraviolet degradation when exposed. The Marlow Explorer is built with Vinylester resins and in selected areas where suitable, epoxy. Both these resins hold favorable MILSPEC ratings. In addition, Marlow has chosen ATC Core-Cell for sandwich construction when it became apparent ATC was a quality company with outstanding support and engineering. Laboratory destructive testing carried out by Sigma Laboratories provided independent data reflecting superior strength, impact absorption and numerous other benefits not available in competitive products.

    By making large investments in up front tooling and methodology, Marlow saves a multitude of man-hours in assembly because the parts simply fit better, reduces man-hours and minimizes warranty repairs. The end result is a world class line of yachts for about the same price as a garden variety production yacht. The material components for the Marlow Explorer reads like a "who's who" of quality manufacturing. Sub Zero, Caterpillar, Cummins, Northern Lights, Franke, Grohe, Schwepper, Ultraleather, Bosch, Asko, Cantaluppi, Besenzoni, Dacor, Wolf and other top brands.

Thread Status:
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