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In Build: Third WallyCento sailyacht

Discussion in 'Wally Yacht' started by Yacht News, Dec 20, 2013.

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  1. Third WallyCento sailing yacht in build

    Innovative Italian yacht builder Wally announces that the third hull in the WallyCento sailing series of yachts. The series is progressing well with two previous hulls completed and sailing for their respective owners. The first hull debuted the series as "Hamilton" and the second vessel was christened "Magic Carpet3". The third one, cuttently under construction is being built for an American owner.

    Developed by Reichel Pugh naval architects with the exterior styling and interiors by Wally, the third wallycento differs from Magic Carpet3, designed by the same architect duo, in many aspects both technically and stylistic. She features different hull lines with a rig that has been balanced accordingly. She has one rudder versus the two of Magic Carpet3. The shaft line is mechanical, whilst remaining retractable. On deck, the new design has been applied to the deckhouse and the coaming that is completely covered by teak to be integrated into the rest of the deck, resulting even slimmer. Inside, the layout and the styling are very similar to those of Magic Carpet3, but the galley has been moved to the port side and the crew cabin to the starboard side to avoid any interference of the access to the engine room with the meal preparation.

    “The sale of the third unit of the Wallycento confirms the success of the formula” says Bassani “We are confident to further expand the fleet of these super yachts, that share similar high performance to increase the closeness of the racing and the competitive level while remaining very comfortable and fully equipped cruising yachts.” The construction of Wallycento #3 has already started at Green Marine, UK with the delivery of the male plug, while the lamination of the female mould on the male plug is scheduled in January, and the lamination of the hull around mid February. Launching of this particular yacht is expected in June 2015.

    For more information:

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.