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In Build: Benetti 65-meter "Amnesia IV"

Discussion in 'Benetti News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. In Build: 65-meter Redman Whiteley Dixon designed
    "Amnesia IV"

    Benetti build number 252 will be the fourth yacht to bear the "Amnesia" name when she is launched in 2010. Designed by British design firm Redman Whiteley Dixon, she is the next step in the Amnesia line of yachts. This new design is the Amnesia IV.

    The fourth and new design is really a continuation of all what has been put in with previous Amnesia yachts. Yet there is personal and distinctive element that is evoked in the design. The seamless integration of previous with the present has been made in the RWD design.

    New design features in the bow, mast, tender garages and unique superstructure shape help differentiate her from any other Amnesia. The present and latest Amnesia (the third), is the embodiment of Benetti design with very sleek lines and every element one would come to expect from Benetti.

    Amnesia IV on the other hand looks less of the contemporary Benetti appearance yet evokes similar characteristics such has gentle and sleek lines coupled with a robust and efficient hull. According to RWD, "her exterior is a distinctive interpretation of the Benetti profile with taught, lithe surfaces."

    The plumb-bow is perhaps Amnesia IV's most striking feature as the continuation of a name and design. Additionally, radical and new features such as the axe, reverse and plumb-bow are all in their infancy to the mega yacht world, this makes the new yacht stand out distinctively. The two main tender garages are located forward in the hull, a feature which none of the previous Amnesia yachts held.

    A subtle yet grand feature is the covered anchor pocket. The no doubt has been done to preserve the very clean lines of the hull. When needed, the cover will project away from its flush position to reveal the anchor ready to be used. The interior pays homage to that of the Amnesia line yet with a modern contemporary twist. Redman Whiteley Dixion are also responsible for the interior of the FB252.

    The interior design is one that is modern contemporary in nature with whimsy design features. Keeping in mind the thematic color wheel borrowed from the previous builds, the Amnesia line lives on. Earthy and light colors dominate the interior and adds the sense of relaxation to the interior spaces. Large windows flood exterior light inward thereby accentuating the large ship feel.

    For more information:

    Redman Whiteley Dixion,
    The Old Electric Light Station,
    Beaulieu, Brokenhurst, Hampshire,
    SO42 7YF, United Kingdom.
    T: 0044 (0) 1590 611300

Thread Status:
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