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Immersion Suits; Good for Yachts too

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by YachtForums, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. By 2006, all cargo vessels engaged in cold water will be required to provide immersion suits for the full capacity of passenger and crew members onboard. Viking Life-Saving Equipment acknowledges the various applications and demands from the ships and has developed a new, more extensive line of Immersion Suits.

    Ranging from traditional neoprene suits to more advanced polyurethane suits with a separate liner, Viking offers a complete line. All suits are approved to the latest SOLAS requirements providing increased protection against hypothermia in an abandon ship situation. The VIKING Immersion Suits are all equipped with 3M reflective tape, reinforced nonslip soles, neoprene gloves and a SOLAS whistle. Optional features include a lifting harness, buddy line and light.

    As the world's leading manufacturer of life-saving equipment, Viking produces products that reflect the newest technology. Innovative fabrics are used to optimize flexibility and comfort as well as protect against hypothermia. In addition to the neoprene suits, Viking offers a 3-layer Immersion Suit made of a polyurethane-coated, nylon outer shell and a 2-layer, polyester thermal liner.


    Viking Life-Saving Equipment
    1400 NW 159th St, Suite 101
    Miami, FL 33169
  2. "all cargo vessels engaged in cold water"

    That's a pretty impressive regulation.
    Who enforces something like that, each country?

    I'd imagine they could stow similar to life jackets, in many compartments. Still, seems ambitious by 2006.

    I'm all for safety, don't get me wrong - I'm just wondering how that equipment addition is going to take place logistically and in terms of inspections.

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