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Hull number for a 32'

Discussion in 'Chris Craft Roamer Yacht' started by iaranicki, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. iaranicki

    iaranicki Member

    Aug 18, 2005
    saint jean cap ferrat, France
    I looking at the most experienced experts of 32s.
    Hers's a question for you.
    according to reference guide 32swere fbuild in 1962-63-64.
    3 different prefix RXB(1962-63) RXC (1963) and RXD (1964)
    first question, would anyone know the specificity of each version??

    I spotted some differences
    - the front cabin window in 2 versions small and wide
    - I think that the B version had Blue cabin top and hard top
    - Any other references or ...

    In fact still haven't found the hull number on the boat but on my title the hull number was report with some mistalkes so I not sure what is my hull number( I just have to spend enoughtime searching for it.
    for now I have RXR 32 21 GR on the title
    comparing the possible Hull#s in the ref guides I think the possible options are:
    - RXB 32 201 If they replaced the "B" by "R" and Missed the "0"
    - RXB 32 121 If replaced the "B" by "R" and they missed the firt "1"
    - RXD 32 321 If replaced the "D" by "R" and It they missed the "3"
    or any other if they screw all number