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How big a boat is needed to safely cross the ocean?

Discussion in 'Popular Yacht Topics' started by Zewu, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Matt V. Aardt

    Matt V. Aardt New Member

    Mar 16, 2016
    Denia, Spain, JHB, South Africa
    Thanks much for your valuable information.
    Is this the same yacht:

    And is it for sale?
  2. HTMO9

    HTMO9 Senior Member

    Jan 13, 2009
    It seems to be her. I have heard rumours that she will be available for sale, if somebody would be asking the right questions :). Call Moonen or PM our member NILO, on of them might know. But several Dutch yacht and ship broker advertise Trawler type vessels (commercial boats and yachts), which could be converted for your needs. If you live in Denia, Mallorca, Astilleros de Mallorca ( in Palma would be a perfect adress for such an refit / repair and conversion. We use them quite regulary.

    An amentment to my post regarding the subs:

    The Deepflight boats are no real submarines, they are submersibles which always maintain positive buoyancy and held below surface with negative hydronamic lift and / or vectored thrust. Means, whenever they stop their forward motion or stop their thrusters, they will automatically pop up back to surface. A very safe feature and those vessels are great fun to drive (fly) but you cannot put them on the bottom and stop all propulors in order to silently watch the underwater world in a coral reef for example.

    A sub dives by regulating its buoyancy by pumping water ballast in and out and its safety is provided by manually releasable i.e. concret or iron ballast. Their propulsors are needed only for precise maneuvering and forward speed. You can trim a sub to a defined depth, stop all thrusters and float within a current or stay within a big swarm of fish without scaring them away. Much more flexible and much more comfortable.
  3. Loren Schweizer

    Loren Schweizer YF Associate Writer

    Apr 20, 2004
    Coral Gables/Ft. Laud., FL
    See "Sailing Alone Around The World" by Joshua Slocum.
    37-footer. Wood.
    No GPS, radios, no engine, nada...
  4. Das Scorpion

    Das Scorpion Member

    Jun 25, 2019
    DFW Texas
    Here is what cha' need.. tumblr_o6fv0djoc31u3vseto1_1280.jpg