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Hatteras Yacht Wallpapers

Discussion in 'Hatteras Yacht' started by YachtForums, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Hatteras Yachts

    Hatteras Yachts is a legend that began on the shores of North Carolina. Willis Slane’s vision became a reality when their first sportsfishing yacht was launched in 1960. Breaking with all tradition, Slane chose a new material – fiberglass – to build the noteworthy yachts that launched an industry. Hatteras produced its first sportfishing yacht in the town of High Point, North Carolina. The response was enthusiastic and the Hatteras legend was born. In a testament to the ruggedness that has become synonymous with Hatteras Yachts, the original and first sportfish yacht they ever produced is still in service today.

    Within two years of their first launch, Hatteras premiered their first fiberglass motor yacht and the precursor of its cruising yacht line. Additional sportfishing models quickly followed. The market soon demanded larger yachts, and so the Hatteras sportfishing fleet expanded – first to 50-foot boats and now up to 90-foot convertibles. Hatteras also began designing and producing a line of cruising yachts that now ranges from 63 to 100 feet in length. In 1967 Hatteras added a second manufacturing facility in the coastal town of New Bern, North Carolina. Thirty years later, the original facility was closed and all manufacturing was consolidated at the 95-acre waterfront site in New Bern, where operations remain today.

    However, some things at Hatteras have not changed. Hatteras yachts continue to set the standard in the yachting industry, by building boats with 5 year hull warranty. All Hatteras hull bottoms are solid fiberglass, with no balsa core. They use PVC non-absorbent foam core in the hull sides and superstructure to deliver a high strength-to-weight ratio. Hatteras features a precise hull-to-superstructure fit, provided by a four-part bonding process. The entire stringer system is composed of all fiberglass members – no structural plywood is used in Hatteras stringers. Hatteras uses fiberglass vacuum-bagging techniques that provide structural and thermal advantages as well.

    From fiberglass hull bottoms to anti-corrosive fittings, Hatteras Yachts reflect a commitment to continuously elevate the art of yacht building.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.