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Hatteras Announces New 60 Convertible...

Discussion in 'Hatteras Yacht' started by YachtForums, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Hatteras Announces New 60 Convertible
    Brand New Design Features Resin-Infused Hull!

    NEW BERN, N.C., May 4, 2006 – Hatteras Yachts is pleased to announce an exciting new product that solidifies this legendary boat builder’s position as the industry leader in high-tech sportfish design. Featuring a mezzanine cockpit, lightweight construction, tumblehome curvature in the hullsides and an exciting new tournament edition, the Hatteras 60 Convertible is unlike any production boat in the marketplace today.

    From the beginning of this model’s design process, the Hatteras product development team has focused squarely on performance and fishability as top priorities. As such, the new 60 Convertible represents a paradigm shift for the company. Built in Hatteras’ new facility in Swansboro, North Carolina, the 60 will be the first Hatteras to feature a completely resin-infused hull, rather than one built up of layers of hand-laid fiberglass. The resin-infusion process produces a more uniform hull thickness from one hull to the next, as well as the most ideal glass-to-resin ratio possible. This one-two punch produces a boat that weighs significantly less because of the lowered resin content, while providing a more precise fit of bulkheads, stringers and other components for increased strength and durability.

    The solid-fiberglass hull bottom includes beefy support for key areas such as the tunnels, shaft log and strut locations. Divinycell coring is infused into the hullsides, decks and superstructure to add stiffness and reduce weight. Wherever possible in the vessel’s interior, lightweight components and materials are used to increase performance without sacrificing the structural integrity and soft ride that have been the hallmarks of Hatteras Yachts for more than 45 years.

    Thanks to the boat’s lightweight and efficient hull design, the 60 Convertible features a performance-enhancing drive train turning eight-blade Nibral propellers. With this package, the boat’s 1,800 gallons of fuel will provide a range of 500 nautical miles at 1,950 rpm. With standard Caterpillar C30s at 1,550 hp each, the 60 is projected to cruise at 30+ knots and hit a top speed of 35+ knots.

    For the hard-core fishermen, the Hatteras 60 will also be available in a 60GT TOURNAMENT EDITION. This three-stateroom, two-head package includes an engine upgrade to 1,800 hp, custom hull color and a wraparound windshield styling element. Owners of the GT TOURNAMENT EDITION will achieve a top end of 40+ knots and a cruise of 35+ knots. Combine this performance package with custom bow rails and optional Carolina Edition teak package, and you’ll have a boat that will sit proud at any tournament.
  2. The 60 Convertible’s cockpit benefits from the boat’s wide 19-foot beam and raised mezzanine level that offers cushioned seating for improved visibility aft, as well as modular drop-in units that allow owners to customize the location of freezers, storage tubs and optional baitwells.

    A freezer is positioned outboard on the standard arrangement of the upper mezzanine deck, with engine room access on centerline. Just behind the bridge ladder to starboard are two stainless-lined tackle drawers hidden behind a drop-down door. On the lower mezzanine level, two large storage tubs are positioned to port, with a third tub to starboard. Within the radius steps you’ll find a large refrigerated drink box and wet storage compartments for mop heads and chamois. Two massive fish boxes are located longitudinally in the cockpit sole.

    Corner hawsers, side cockpit scuppers that drain through the quarter-fenders, and curved doors that hide the twin 50-amp inlets and quick disconnects for fresh and saltwater wash-downs assure the cockpit is finished to the highest level. The engine room features a similar attention to detail, thanks to its clean layout and faired surface for a wipe-and-go finish.

    On the bridge, a large console features a pod-style helm with an actuated console to keep electronics safe from the elements when not in use. Just forward of the console is an insulated drink cooler as well as an optional freezer. Ample rod storage is available beneath the forward and starboard lounge seats. Teak helm chairs are standard, as is an electronics suite including Northstar 6000i GPS/plotter, Icom VHF, Simrad AP26 autopilot, and Simrad IS15 depth and speed indicator.

    An enclosed bridge along with an optional interior stairwell will be available on later hulls. The enclosed bridge will be equipped with a centered helm chair and two riding seats to port and starboard for guests. Aft, a raised sectional will provide visibility and rod storage.
  3. Accommodations...

    The new 60 Convertible features a luxurious salon with a comfortable L-shaped sofa with rod storage beneath, as well as an entertainment center with 42-inch plasma TV. Genuine cherry wood veneers in either a high-gloss or satin finish provide a warm environment, complemented perfectly by any of the 15 standard décor schemes available from Hatteras’ in-house design team. To provide convenience for the crew, the electrical distribution panel is located just inside the sliding door, easily accessed from the cockpit.

    The galley features two under-counter Subzero refrigerator/freezer units, with a third unit available as an option. A four-burner ceramic cooktop and microwave/convection oven provide plenty of food preparation options, while deep storage drawers in the galley’s fascia offer an abundance of space. Amtico strip flooring and solid-surface countertops and backsplashes give the galley an elegant look with long-lasting durability. To starboard, a large dinette features an L-shaped lounge with storage underneath. The dining table features a solid-surface top with decorative pedestal.

    Belowdecks, the 60 is configured with three staterooms and two private heads, providing for ample storage for the rugged sportfishing enthusiast. Overnight tournament fishermen will appreciate the optional bow stateroom that utilizes crisscrossing bunks to maximize sleeping capacity in this 3/2 arrangement. Those who value added interior amenities can opt for a more traditional three-stateroom three-head arrangement. A four-stateroom layout is also available.

    You’ll find an oversized queen berth and a 20-inch LCD TV in the athwartship master suite. Nightstands on either side provide storage, as does a full dresser forward of the stateroom. Twin cedar-lined hanging lockers are accessible aft of the stateroom and provide additional sound insulation from the engine room. The master head features a fiberglass stall shower, Amtico strip flooring and solid-surface countertops and backsplashes.

    The bow stateroom, similar to other Hatteras models, features a walk-around queen berth with cedar-lined storage beneath and an optional 20-inch LCD TV for entertaining. Storage is abundant with twin cedar-lined hanging lockers, drawers and optional cabinets in the hullsides.

    To starboard lies a set of over/under berths with storage beneath. The standard arrangement provides for maximized storage below the upper berth as well as twin lockers outboard, which can be used as a rod locker or bulk storage for long trips.
  4. Ship’s Systems...

    The 60 Convertible features a variable-deadrise hull form that flows from a convex bow shape to relatively flat sections at the transom. As proven on Hatteras models since 2002, this new hull shape combines the soft entry of a bulbous bow with the speed-enhancing characteristics of a flat-bottomed speed boat. Double chines that extend down the length of the hull work in conjunction with an exaggerated bow flare to knock spray down and away for a dry ride, while running strakes provide increased stability and improved tracking. Large eight-bladed propellers are tucked into deep prop tunnels for maximum efficiency, minimized vibration and reduced draft.

    Like all Hatteras yachts, the 60 contains an array of construction, mechanical, electrical and component enhancements that together make up the Hatteras Advantage. The industry’s only painted exterior finish, fuel tanks approved by Underwriters Laboratories, robust running gear and overbuilt mechanical systems are just a few of the hundreds of extra touches that you won’t find with any other builder, giving Hatteras owners the highest level of quality, safety and peace of mind available today.

    We hope you share our excitement as we debut the industry’s next great sportfishing yacht at the Miami International Boat Show, February 2007.

    Hatteras 60 Convertible Specs:

    LOA: 59’10”
    DRAFT: 4’9”
    WEIGHT: 85,000 pounds
    FUEL: 1,800 gallons
    WATER: 200 gallons

    CAT C32s @ 1650 BHP
    CAT C32As @ 1800 BHP
    MTU 10V-2000CR @ 1500 BHP
    MTU 12V-2000CR @ 1800 BHP

    For more information, contact:

    Hatteras Yachts
    110 N. Glenburnie Road
    New Bern, NC 28560
  5. The new 60 Hatteras looks like a honey. Over the years, the 60s have been very kind to Hatteras' bottom line.

    Per the commentary, looks like Hat has continued, as from the very beginning, to paint their boats which IMHO is a good idea. Beats all the gelcoat repairs at the end of the mfg. cycle.
    I find it interesting to read about her bottom. Sounds like the 'warped-panel' design that Harry Scholl called the Delta Conic which debuted in the early eighties and found on the (then) modern Trojan boats.
    Or, maybe a fresh idea?

    Boy, what a profile. This is not your father's Jack Hargrave-designed Hat!
  6. Loren,

    In studying my high-res images, it doesn’t look like the amount of hull flair at the bow is as pronounced as some of the “originals”, which might be good, because I always felt the amount was exaggerated to point of diminishing returns. There’s a line between spray deflection and forcing a crashing bow wave in a direction of greater resistance. It looks like the new Hatt might strike a sweet spot here.

    It’s pretty clear Hatt’s gearing this boat toward the throng of tournament bound, tumble-tranny fans. But for the die-hards, a mask of black paint covering the teardrop might come across as “me too”. Still, there are a lot of great reasons to buy this boat, with resin infusion topping the list.

    I can’t say for sure what Hatt’s doing below the waterline, but based on the information they supplied, I didn’t get the impression they were doing anything way out of the norm, although I may be wrong. When you mentioned Harry’s Delta Conic, I hesitated for a moment because I’ve often discounted Harry’s DDC design for the applications it’s been promoted for. I think the go-fast crowd has already confirmed this now. Active Thunder is no longer active. ;)

    However, this is not to say the DDC concept doesn’t have value, because IT DOES! It just needs the right application… and your idea is brilliant! Maybe some builder will be brave enough to “step” up to the plate. My only reservation about stepping these hulls would be how the wave surge would interact with tunneled props. There might be a way around this, such as a staggered step. It’s never been done before, but theoretically... it could work. Essentially, there would be no step forward of the pockets.

    It’s certainly something to think about…
  7. In re-reading my post, I need to clarify for other readers (because I know Loren follows me), The DDC concept is a single step design placed just forward of the CG. When I spoke of staggered steps, this doesn't mean multiple steps, like those found on performance hulls, but rather a single step in an offset or staggered position.
  8. resin infused hull (balsa coring)????

    Hello everyone,

    Can anybody clear up the issue about Hatteras using coring below the waterline? One of there main selling points Hatteras points out is they use absolutlely no coring below the water line. I have read numerous articles about the issue and they all seem the say the same thing..."resin infused hull bottom." regarding the new 60' Convertible. They don't mention the material used on the new model. Have they begun to cross over??
  9. Resin infused does not necessarily mean cored. Here is what Hatteras say on their website;

    "Hatteras built its reputation on bulletproof construction techniques, and its hull bottoms remain as rugged as ever today. All Hatteras hull bottoms are solid fiberglass, and you won't find any absorbent balsa core anywhere aboard a Hatteras. We use PVC non-absorbent foam core in the hull sides and superstructure to deliver a high strength-to-weight ratio."
  10. Hatteras Resin Infusion

    I get it now!! Basically, Hatteras is trying to use vacuum bag technology for the whole hull. Tiara, Viking and other builders are using this technique on smaller components such as fuel tanks, fish boxes, hatches etc. I heard it is not easy doing a whole hull. I hope it works out well for them.
  11. The hull is the easy part, we have been doing it with vinylester on my designs a couple of years now. You just have to be careful with the outer layers so you get an even gelcoat surface. Worse is to vacuum bag the superstructure if there are too many angles like walkaround decks. We will now make the carbon-fibre reinforced stringers with infusion as well and the overall weight savings results in a faster, more economical and less polluting ride...:)
  12. Goldenboy, welcome aboard.
    I do think Viking is using vacuum bagging on some of their hulls, as I read in an article a while ago. I also think it allows for less waste and better control over the resin.
  13. very nice!
  14. I think Hatteras should give me a free upgrade from my 50 to a 60. Ill let them put a nice chrome emblem of their name right on the side, and I will leave it there for life..... Whatcha think? I think the folks at Hatteras should upgrade me... I promise to run it every day, we can call it "product marketing"!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Good luck with that. :D
  16. One other note about the hull construction. Hatteras uses a clear gel goat which enables them to use a light to see thru the hull. If they detect any thin spots they then go over that spot with more resin. Very cool to see...
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