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Hargrave Yachts - Best bang for the buck!!!

Discussion in 'Hargrave Yacht' started by REALIST, Nov 14, 2003.

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    REALIST Guest

    I am NOT saying that Hargrave is the best built boat out there. On the other side I AM saying that Hargrave is by far the best bang for your buck!! In the one to ten mill range I challenge anyone to find a yacht that offers more for the $$$. I don't think it's out there!! Anyone???
  2. YachtForums

    YachtForums Administrator

    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida
    When I worked for one of the magazines, I was invited to a Hargrave showing, where I had the opportunity to walk through their entire line, while being informed about key features of each yacht by their design engineer and crew.

    Prior to this, I had only seen Hargrave's in pictures, allthough I knew quite a bit about Jack Hargrave's contribution to the marine industry. Actually, I met Mr. Hargrave (I was 10 years old), while living at Bahia Mar. He was introduced to us by Dick Bertram.

    I can tell you this much about Hargraves... I came away from the show with my eyes opened. Whatever the original boats lacked in cosmetic character, they more than made up for in engineering and workmanship.

    REALIST Guest

    Great to hear that you are in touch with them. Did you see their boats at the show?? I think all of their newer models look great!! On top of that I know they have really got on top of the whole building process. I'll tell you.....if I was throwing down 5 mil on a boat and could get that new 80' Hatt or a darn near fully custom 115' Hargrave, I don't think it would be a tough choice!!
  4. myastral

    myastral Guest


    I live in Taiwan and work in Yachting as a project manager, consultant , surveyor , owners representative ect, and I have spent allot of time at the Kha Shing yard.

    I cant speak for all the Hargrave yachts but I do know that the ones I have been involved with the owners have been very very happy with the end result.

    The latest Hargrave 108-121 came out fantastic it really shows that You really can get a quality yacht built in Taiwan if You do Your home work and keep close tabs on Your project.

    Steve Forest