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Great Forum!

Discussion in 'General Yachting Discussion' started by Bob Scott, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. Bob Scott

    Bob Scott Guest

    Just recently came across this forum. Looks like it is just getting going and it makes for some good reading. After "trolling" for a while, I had a couple of posts that "triggered" a response. Look forward to many more of them!
  2. YachtForums

    YachtForums Administrator

    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida
    Hi Bob,

    Welcome aboard!

    I can relate to lurking, until something "triggers" a response. I've done the same myself. But we're not alone... we've got less than 300 members, but we're getting over 250,000 hits a month and 5000 unique visitors (people that stay for awhile and flip through pages).

    All too often... users are not inclined to respond to a post until their "feathers get ruffled" about something. The problem with this is... sometimes this can lead to more "emotionally charged" responses, which may keep lurkers on the sidelines.

    It makes my job of trying to create momentum a bit challenging, as I have to make a call or draw the line between posts that encourage participation and those that create an inhospitable atmosphere.

    For my part, I'm bringing the latest news and real time data to YachtForums, but users hold the most valuable information, including hands-on experience and the opinions derived from the same.

    Thank you for joining YachtForums. Look forward to seeing you online!

  3. Bob Scott

    Bob Scott Guest

    Man Carl, that's a lot of hits! If half of those registered, you would have your hands full!
    I think that an "emotionally charged" thread, is MORE likely to bring in the "lurkers". One brought me in! And now it's really getting charged! Good information is great, but I think people are more prone to just look at it. If people see good debates, arguments, etc. that triggers "emotion" and in my opinion, makes them more incline to jump in. Another boating forum that I have been on for years, has great debates all of the time, and they become the most popular threads. Every once in a while someone will post on an old one, to bring it back to the top, and everyone will re-live a good laugh! It's one thing if you are busting "your mamma" jokes on people, but as long as you are not personally dogging someone out, or being vulger, cut it loose!