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Going Green: VriPack's Solar Boat

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by Yacht News, May 22, 2008.

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  1. VriPack Goes Solar

    March 14, 2008: Vripack is a design firm that is accustomed to developing designs for yacht interiors, exterior and naval architecture of yachts. However, they have taken a stride into using alternative energy for propulsion.

    This project is focussed on designing and constructing an ultra light and fast boat which is strong enough to endure the torments of the long distance race. The solar boat built by the Vripack Solar Team will prove its excellence during the international Frisian Solar Challenge 2008. A 220km race over water passing the famous 11 cities of Friesland.

    This Solar powered experiment is based on the use of durable energy for powering use. Vripack attaches great value to the preservation of a healthy environment and is proud that an enthusiastic in-company team is performing this development.

    The boat is driven only by electric power from five solar panels and can achieve a speed of 11 knots. She is propelled by a two blade propeller placed on an innovative pod coupled to an all electric motor. The hull, together with the deck and side hulls, will be made of fibre glass and carbon glued by epoxy to make the boat as light as possible.

    With an overall length of 6 meters and a 2 meter beam, she will be controlled by one man only for periods up to six hours! During the race the boat also has to be manually lifted out of the water and transported over obstacles such as dikes. For this purpose a quick release has been designed to dismantle the solar panels.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.