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Glendinning Smart Control

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by YachtForums, Feb 3, 2005.

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    Glendinning Marine Products' Smart Actuator takes the fight out of balky engine and transmission linkage systems and gives boaters complete control of speed plus forward and reverse — with a single lever.

    The Smart Actuator, used with Glendinning's Model CH2001 control head, creates a smooth arc of finely controlled power, even on throttles and gears linked by inferior-quality control cables. With Glendinning's Complete Control electronic engine control system, the boater can regulate speed and direction with accuracy and ease.

    The EEC system with Smart Actuator provides sensitive throttle and gear response for sidling up to a dock, towing, anchoring or slow maneuvers that require precision handling. The EEC system utilizes CANbus interface technology, which simplifies wiring and allows greater flexibility when adding control stations. Installing the Smart Actuator, which uses plug-in connectors on the cables, is a relatively simple task.

    With the Smart Actuator, single-lever control is available in as many as six locations on the boat — with even the heaviest throttle or shift. When the boater manually sets the speed of the starboard engine, the Smart Actuator's automatic synchronization function matches that speed – on the port engine.

    Glendinning's Complete Control System line of EEC products — compatible with all electronically and mechanically controlled engines — has been used successfully on thousands of boats since 1996.

    The Smart Actuator retails for $1,695.

    Contact Glendinning Marine Products, Inc.
    740 Century Circle, Conway, SC, 29526
    Phone: 800-500-2381
Thread Status:
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