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Future Yachts; Lars Modin Design

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Lars Modin Design
    Designing The Future Classics, Today.

    The Internet has become the ultimate vehicle for individual expression. No longer are we limited to the ramblings of a few select writers, the images of an eclectic photographer or the paintings of Prozac-happy artist. Today, information is only a few keystrokes away and for those of us with an interest, we are quick to find large, focused discussion groups where each of us has a voice and a few of us can make a difference.

    Every generation, every industry and every interest has an individual who stands out, a person who influences our direction and someone who raises the bar. In yacht design, names like Hargrave and Bannenberg come to mind. Over the past decade, we've witnessed the influence of the design team at Sunseeker. Recently, the duo of Nuvolari & Lenard have made their bold, edgy impact.

    In early 2004, a gentleman with an unusual level of knowledge about yacht engineering, design and practical use joined YachtForums. Although his name was new, his designs and ideas struck a familiar cord, a vein that runs deep among yachtsmen... classic, traditional style with modern, contemporary elements. A timeless combination that captures the essence of yachting.

    Designing the future classics, today... YachtForums is proud to present the work of Lars Modin!

  2. "Bling" - 140 meter Super Yacht​

    (rendering comments by Lars Modin) - This is probably the most famous of my Superyacht designs. Originally a redesign of a 100-meter yacht for a client in 1997, she was published in the Superyachts Book 1999. Later a Russian client wanted to build her as a titanium and magnesium construction with about 146.000 hp for almost supersonic speeds. Last summer a reputed Dutch shipyard was interested in having her as an 85 meter yacht. Before that an American wanted her as a 122 m, the Double Bling and finally I had somebody asking for a 140 m design why I made the Triple Bling. What happened to all the clients, I don´t know? But she is after more than 10 years, still a modern, if not futuristic design and I see other designs with very similar styling coming out from both bad and good design offices every now and then...

    Anyway, here is the Mother of Pearl...!
  3. "Garbo" - 80 meter Explorer​

    When others are drawing up concepts that are almost impossible to build, to use or to maintain, I am doing the opposite. This is an example of a timeless 80 m+ yacht with modern features, including a helipad. I was thinking of her as a Feadship XL now that they have the Makkum yard.
  4. "Pandora XL" - 600' Gigayacht​

    Here is another pretty well known design, but clients for yachts 180 to 200 meter are not too many. In fact there are not yet such large yachts built. She is too big for most yacht harbours but with landing pads for several helicopters at the same time she is like a floating island where you can maintain a high security. If Royal or State yachts will be built as in the past, this size can make sense.
  5. "Teaser" - 100 meter Super Yacht​

    Reality starts for all of us on Mondays. Today, it is Sunday and I have found some time to create this 100 meter concept. The idea is mainly to keep her lines more like a yacht than a ship, no big heliport, just a pad on the foredeck. Instead pockets for up to 50-foot tenders each side. She is split level built around a central atrium. This allows for the tender bays to be higher. Also positioned a little more high and dry than usual.
  6. "Chess" - 50 meter Contemporary Yacht and Shadow​

    Last summer there was somebody who wanted a modest yacht with a shadow yacht in the same size, instead of building one big yacht. The advantages are several, like getting into smaller ports, shallower waters, the possibility of having them shipped across the oceans and also a higher level of safety and security. So I took a design I had, just under 50 m, refined it and made a shadow with the same styling. Both should be pretty fast, built in aluminum or composite. And from the client, I have not even seen the shadow since...
  7. "Pandora" - 400' Explorer​

    This 122-meter version is more like a yacht and still has most of the facilities of her larger sister. As an example of what she can accommodate I have made an overlay explaining the different areas. The propulsion should be diesel electric.
  8. "Neo" - 46m Ketch​

    A couple of years ago I made this concept which now has got a second mast. This should be an eco friendly yacht, with propulsion from electric sources, such as hydrogen, solar sails or perhaps biodiesel gensets. With electric azipods and the sails for downwind support or tradewind crossings. The heeling should not exceed ten degrees as this is mainly a motor yacht. The styling is inspired from the 1920:s and interior could be from the Cassina production of Perriand and Corbusier. A truly modern classic.
  9. "Abacus" - 110' Motoryacht​

    As a contrast to all the Azimut and Sunseeker styling with very early expiration dates, I made this concept in 2005. I have made similar both before and after, but this is the most architectural. A little inspired from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a member of the German November Group, especially from his Barcelona pavillion built in 1929.
  10. "Royale" - 55’ Coupe​

    Just around Christmas 2007, I had some time to play with new ideas and made a retro inspired 110-footer. With the same design I also made this 55-footer as a production boat concept. With the lines borrowed from stylish Bugattis from the 1920's, she can match other neo-classic yachts like Nero, Eos and Athena. She could even having a matching art deco interior in harmony with the exterior. She could be ordered in many color combinations as well, too get a personal look. Propulsion could be from about 200 hp to 2000 hp depending on speed requirements. Would look at home in many waters, from Florida to Dubai. I would surely like to have one myself, if I ever could decide in which color...?
  11. "High-Tech" - 120' Sport Yacht​

    This is another Christmas design, from 1993. It was and still is very high tech and in those days, silver finish wasn´t as common as today. The roof tops were in glass with sun cells and with dimming by LCD rasters. The flybridge is truly flying, allowing a 360° view from the raised wheelhouse.

    The interior is minimalistic and the dining and observation area forward is slowly revolving if you like. The building material could also be high tech, composite with epoxy and very light. It should have a couple of 16 cyl MTU:s with KaMeWa waterjets for a top speed of around 60 knots...
  12. "Medship" - 30 meter: YF Dreamboat 2005

    The perfect yacht is maybe impossible to get as we have all different ideas on how to use it, but we could call it the YachtForums Dreamyacht 2005? Anyway, I have been looking through the initial ideas and digged deep into my files trying to find something to go from. To start with I think we should not look for too inventive ideas, as they always take much longer to get acceptance for. My approach is rather to use what we have learned during decades of yachting, what is important, what is working and what is not.

    My first entry is a yacht I designed in the mid 90:s after having lived onboard a Moonen 85 for a couple of years. This yacht is a little larger and have all the things I found could be improved on the Moonen. She is 100 feet but can still be owner operated if you like. But with two crew cabins and a crew mess, the choice is open and allows for charter as well. The owners cabin has here got an optional office and the two main guest cabins could have one bed movable to arrange a double bed. There is also a foldable bunkbed in each. The raised wheelhouse has a dinette and observation area and above is a fully fitted flybridge. The boat deck has a dining area that converts as a sunbed and there is a pantry with barbeque.

    The main deck has a formal dining room, a galley in the gravity center, and a large salon with a smaller breakfast and game table. Aft deck has another table and there is one for the crew on fore deck as well. I have a total specification, but stop here with saying this yacht has an economical cruising speed of 9-10 knots with a transatlantic range.

    Well, no big surprise, but in my opinion this is the perfect entry level for people looking for a dreamyacht with superyacht quality and I think that many would think twice before going up in size. This size of long range yachts was built by many shipyards before, but not today and I think this is a good opportunity to explore what can be done in Taiwan and mainland China who are now venturing into yacht construction.
  13. "Tetou" - 85´Canoe Stern Cruiser​

    I have shown this yacht before, but this version has got a larger wheelhouse, galley and engine room. Three important working areas. She can be completely owner operated, still has a crew cabin if you like to have a deckhand or a captain, or why not a couple? With the owner's area in the stern and guests forward, this gives some privacy even in this limited size of yacht. Big sun/boatdeck for the tenders and protected walk around decks makes her safe and easy to handle. Built in steel/aluminium or GRP, stabilized and with transatlantic range. This would be my ideal live aboard yacht and passagemaker...
  14. "TRY" Explorer Cats; 30, 40 & 50 meter ​

    As the smallest sister in the range of three TRY Explorer Catamarans I have now made a 100-footer. With high tunnel clearance for long distance ocean cruising and a raised wheelhouse, she is a pretty capable and spacious yacht as well. Below are all three and I guess they would end up as 30, 40 and 50 meters long.
  15. "Rondo" - 41 meter Expedition​

    Another variation on my Cat design. This time as a trideck monohull expedition style yacht, with a full-beam master stateroom forward on main deck. Below is either one VIP and two double staterooms or four double. Aft engine room and a tender garage.
  16. "Ladies Choice" - 50 meter Explorer Concept​

    I have made an attempt to design a yacht incorporating most of the ideas of YF member “Ladies Choice”, who is in the market for a 50-meter on the expensive side. Since it has the tower on top, a beam of 10 meter (33´) will be needed to be stable enough. The helideck is dimensioned to take a twin engine helicopter and would also be a good deck to keep a sailing boat, but not at the same time I think. Below is a deck where you store tenders and the submarine which is possible to lift up to the helideck for easier launching. Owners accommodations could be on any of the decks above, with easy access to the sundeck and the eye in the sky...
  17. "Chianti" - 164' Tri-Deck​

    Chianti (from 1997) is intended to be a 50m/164 feet displacement yacht. She could be built with a steel hull including main deck and with composite superstructure for strength and good weight distribution. Chianti has a moonroof built into the flybridge hardtop. Each aft deck offers views to the decks below.
  18. "Mexican Bullet" - 32 meter Fast Waterjet

    Browsing through some old files I found this yacht. She was made for a Mexican client back in 1995, but as often they end up with a pre-owned yacht and this one remained as one of many forgotten designs. Anyway, she was planned as a 32 meter, high speed waterjet aluminum yacht. Could have been built today as well, or tomorrow..?
  19. "Cap Ferrat" - 30 meter Venetian Taxi​

    A new version of the 100 feet Day Racer/Venetian. This time with an enclosed wheelhouse/saloon and an open forward cockpit. Nice for day trips along the coast and with accommodations for six in three cabins, plus crew. Cruising speed 35 knots, top speed 50+ knots with waterjets.
  20. "Landaulette" - 31' Sports Limo​

    As a reflection on the pouring rain here in Sweden, I have made a new version of an older design, now with an electric or manual convertible top that is split in the middle.
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