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Future Yacht: Lila-Lou G108 GigaYacht

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Future Concept: Lila-Lou G108 GigaYacht
    An Axe-Bow Boat With A View

    Lila-Lou Design has unveiled a concept that pushes the boundaries
    of modern day yacht design... sending it fast forward into tomorrow.​

    At the leading edge of this concept is a yacht turned bow-rider with a glass pane that wraps around the foremost upper section of the hull, coupled with an elevated foredeck for getting sun... and spray! In a conventional flared-bow hull, targeting a head sea, water is dispersed outwards and away from a bow as it plunges into a wave. The flared bow reduces spray coming over the top, but it creates deceleration forces that slow momentum, resulting in longitudinal pitching. With an axe-bow design, much of this momentum is minimized because waves are penetrated, or pierced, allowing water to be released over the top and sides of the bow, as opposed to taking the brunt of wave impact.
  2. Although the G109 is a concept, the fundamentals of the design and the technology to build are valid. A closer look at the decks reveals a whirlpool, located on the raised bow deck. It's a fair assumption that this pool will be salt water based (wink). The superstructure of the concept is dominated by floor-to-ceiling expanses of glass, creating a one with the elements experience.
  3. An extended aft deck showcases a pool, but this could also double as a heli-pad, such as those found on Oceanco's 'Alfa-Nero' or Amels 'Ilona'. Lounging is plentiful, but that's to be expected on a yacht spanning 108-meters and seven decks.
  4. Aft deck space on the G108 literally doubles as the stern and garage doors fold-out to become beaches at sea. In addition, both starboard and port swim platforms extend back to add more beachfront property.
  5. Concepts start with ideas and Lila-Lou's new idea is quite a concept.
    Let's hope someone embraces the same and takes this from the
    drawing board to "all aboard".


    For more information contact:

    Lila-Lou Design,
    26, YORK STREET,
    LONDON, W1U 6PZ,
    +44 (0) 20 7873 2155

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.