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Future for American/Canadian cruising?

Discussion in 'General Yachting Discussion' started by zudnic, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Marmot

    Marmot Senior Member

    May 20, 2007
    9114 S. Central Ave
    Probably because they stick around Long Island Sound, are small pleasure vessels, and are excepted from the operator and ship station requirements.

    don't get hung up on the word "ship." The FCC considers everything that floats as a ship for their purposes.

    From the FCC:

    "Ships are considered as operating domestically when they do not travel to foreign ports or do not transmit radio communications to foreign stations. Sailing in international waters is permitted, so long as the previous conditions are met. If you travel to a foreign port (e.g., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands), a license is required. Additionally, if you travel to a foreign port, you are required to have an operator permit."
  2. zudnic

    zudnic Senior Member

    Feb 21, 2011
    Same in Canada. Except I think you can only use for navigation and emergency communication if no license. Cell phone range in this area is pretty good. So few need to chit chat. Not sure if you did talk what would happen.

    Thats the big problem especially when you private pleasure. So creates confusion, etcetera.

    Governments around the world have made actual politics boring or they only discuss talking point bullets. If its not a hot issue nobody watches. Government has become accustomed to this hence spending is beyond control.

    Even at the corporate level and public companies. People complain but nobody goes to annual meetings to vote their shares. Thats become government and management area of operation.

    For boating we need to get engaged with government so they know what we want and even whats exceptable.
  3. dennismc

    dennismc Senior Member

    Jan 29, 2009
    Vancouver BC
    Whenever an expert at Transport Canada suggests that the way to develop a test for stability on the 12 pac whale watching inflatable boats is to have 6 adults sit on one side of the inflatable and check the stability that way, injuries and drownings of course are just the potential price to be paid, this was not a joke, it was actually suggested at a meeting in Ottawa a few years ago. This gives you an insight to the thought process and intelligence level of these people, not to mention the suggestion that all "rental" boats be fitted with 406 epirbs, can you imagine the amount of helicopters in the air looking for all these false alarms ?? the stuff that goes on in these committees is verging on insanity at times.
    As a very good friend of mine who used to head of ship safety once told me, "bureaucrats have to continually change the regs or they will be out of a job"