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Future Concept: 57m Super Sailing Yacht

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, May 14, 2008.

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  1. 57-meter Super SailYacht "Green Jet"
    Sailing into the future...

    The philosophy behind the name "GREEN JET" is a combination of green power -
    wind and water - coupled with the technical merit of an aero-rig,
    set on a pair of center-pivot booms. ​

    Although there's no turbine in this rig, the cones on the leading edge set the tone of this conceptual craft. According to the Green Jet's designer, Erik Sifrer, it is intended to operated like a motoryacht; to be navigated and controlled by computerized sail system, all at the touch of a button. For main propulsion, there are two fully automated Aero-sails guided by hydraulic motors. Rigging is composed of a swept-back sail with an aerodynamically optimized leading edge, flanked by two vertical arches supporting the 58m high masts. The rigging forms a giant triangle viewed from forward of aft.
  2. Setting up and trimming the sails is said to be easy and fast. Every thing is controlled via the touch of a control screen. Hydraulic motors should hoist the sail to 55m high (top of the rig is 62m) in 30-40 sec. Each sail rotates on a pivot point for 80 degrees of deflection in each direction. Getting underway is said to be a push of a button. Sub-surface, a canting keel with twin foils (fwd. foil includes trim), plus double retractable Z-drives located fwd. and aft will drive the Green Jet.
  3. For this type of rig (Aero sail), the designer indicates the following benefits…

    - the shape (profile) of the sail
    - only one clear surface for the sails
    - the aerodynamic section; fwd sliding edge is rotating into the wind together with the sail
    - a central rotation of the surface
    - for trimming, sails are rolled back on to the boom
    - the elimination of deck gear and rigging
  4. The deck-scape is purposely kept clean, open and passable. It's composed of to separate deck areas – each covered with a wave shaped roof and circular sky windows. Skylight deck windows are added in an ornamental shape around the pool which extends down to the main salon. The main attraction of deck-scape is the centrally located pool, which also doubles as a separation of crew and the owner. The forward area is for crew and the aft area is for owner and guests.
  5. The basic calculations for the Green Jet were conducted at Marin ( The next phase of development will include wind tunnel testing, as well as tank testing of a scale model. The project is presented here at YachtForums as a new vision for members to consider.


    LOA: 57 m
    Beam: 11.7 m
    Draft: 6 m
    Displacement: 330 t
    Sail area: 1900 m2
    2x Engines on hydrogen propulsion: 2 x 950 kW
    Materials: carbon hull and structure, deck roof, masts and sails; teak: deck; stainless steel: deck parts

    For more information contact:

    Erik Šifrer - designer, constructor
    MIDES Nepremičnine d.o.o.
    PE Šenčur, Posl.cona A 29
    4208 Šenčur, Slovenija
  6. Night rendering...
  7. Close-up...
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